Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas !!

We had such an amazing Christmas. Tom was home for a whole week from work so we had a chance to spend a lot of time together as a family. We stayed home this year because I am due any minute but it was very special and memorable none the less!



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Doctor Update!

Ok, so I went to my DR's appointment Tuesday. I had my blood test done for the diabetes (still have not heard a word yet) and we had an ultrasound. In the Ultrasound the babies legs were once again shut tight and his/her butt was up in the air. My DR. decided to go ahead and give an opinion , her words "Well, I am going to say I think it is a girl." I asked her why she says it's a girl. She says that she is going to say its a girl for the simple fact that she sees no boy parts through the little crack of the butt. I then asked if that was a definitive answer to which she says "Well, we did have a women deliver a few weeks ago with 2 girls already, she was told she was having another girl because her baby did the same thing and she ended up having a boy in the delivery room" So, on that note........WE STILL DO NOT KNOW. She is making a guess, most likely to satisfy my need to know. If only the baby would open up the legs just a little! Next time I need to remember to never pick a DR. who admits to not being able to read an ultrasound.

Anyway, here is a peek at my 8 month belly. :)



Monday, December 8, 2008

Gia and I had a very nice Mommy daughter day today. She and I have these little outings once a week but have been lacking due to the terror that is the flue invading the household. We ran some errands (the dreaded post office at holiday time) and brought home some lunch where as usual we had some mighty fine conversation. Want to know what is on the mind of a 17 month old? It just so happens you can find out right here, right now! Join little miss Georgia as she discusses french fries, burgers, demonstrates the art of "dipping" and makes one of her ever so important business calls. :-)


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

UPDATE UPDATE, read all about it!

Ok, so it has been a while since I have updated. Frankly we have been very patiently waiting to tell everyone the good news of the babies sex. Unfortunately, you WILL NOT find that news here. ;) This little one tossing and turning around in my rather large stomach like a little Alien has been viewed by Ultrasound 4 times, all 4 times Thomas or Sophia has decided his/her legs were to remain closed tight. And whereas this might be the wonderful news our little unborn bundle of joy might be planning an early trip into the priesthood or nunnery it is NOT good news for the preparation of his/her arrival. So we will have to wait, perhaps my next appointment on the 9th will be more productive in determining?

Now lets get on to the updates shall we?

First and foremost, our little Georgia has taken the next step into toddler-hood. About 4:00pm yesterday she decided to SAY YES to the musical potty and made her first contribution to the big girl potty Gods. Or in more toddler-like terms, SHE WENT PEE PEE in the potty! *jumping for joy here* We all went nuts with excitement and she was ecstatic, begging me to call her daddy and tell him, which of course we couldn't. Instead we called Nana and she told her all about it. We managed to get her to sit on the chair 4 more times yesterday, no more contributions but it is a far cry more than what she was willing to do the day before as she would go running for her life at the mere site of the chair.

As far as our Miriam, she is doing WONDERFULLY! She is talking and communicating so very much. I absolutely LOVE hearing her voice more than anything in this world. We have waited so very long for her to use it and now I am afraid she is spoiling me.

I am ending this blog with some photos of the girls at Halloween. I had really wanted to update but unfortunately we don't have a desk chair, Toms laptop is broken (thank you Gia) and I have to use a hard dining chair at my computer and it does no wonder whatsoever for the aches and pains of pregnancy. I will try to update again soon.

Take Care,



Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A story all must read!

Hey everyone, I had to come online and share with everyone one of the most beautiful books I have read in a long time. It is titled THE SHACK by: William Young.

It's the story of a man who is struck with a deep and great sadness when his 6 year old daughter vanishes during a family camping trip. All evidence points towards the fact that the child was victim of a child killer. 4 years later after years of blaming our lord and trying to find reason he receives a letter which appears to be from God asking him to meet him at the crime scene to talk. Should he go or should he stay at home and always wonder? It is a beautiful story of coming to terms with life, the father, the son and the holy ghost all at the same time. It is a book about love and understanding at its greatest and will leave you in tears. Good tears and bad tears. Please pick this book up, it is worth a read no matter your religion, no matter where you are in your search for Godly truth. It will change you.

God Bless everyone!

P.S. If you want to read excerpts from the book visit the website at .


Monday, October 6, 2008

Visit to the ER!

It has been a little while since our last post. I wanted to be able to have positive news about everything that has been going on in our lives.

As much of the family reading this knows our Miriam had a seizure and was in the hospital for about 5 days. She was poked, prodded and sent through the ringer but in the end we are all better for it. We were humbled in the fact that God led us to this wonderful town where she was able to go to a real hospital with incredible DR's. Our faith in the spirit heavenly father has grown and our family has strengthened because of the experience. The hospital was truly an amazing place. They tried with all their might to keep Miriam comfortable (us as well) and there was not one person in the entire hospital we think that did not stop by to say hello.

In the end Miriam was given an MRI, EEG and a audiology hearing test. We found through those test that Miriam's brain is absolutely perfect and her hearing is many many points greater than the average person. She can hear things we could never dream of hearing. Dr;s actually came into her room to thank us for bringing them such a perfect subject for the test. She was described as remarkable and due to the fact her hearing is so sensitive we were told she was the fastest brain wave test they have ever done. This truly explains why it is she amazes so many with her ability to enter a room and never once appear blind. We also were very lucky to find that there is absolutely no underlying cause of her seizures such as a brain tumor. The seizures are 100% controllable and caused by her very rare disorder.

She has been home for about a week now and is doing perfectly. Even her speech magically improved while in the hospital (I think she decided she best talk or be prodded more). And thanks to daddy being the best daddy in the world she came home with the biggest teddy bear in the hospital "Boris".

This is a picture of Miriam giving Borus a hug the day we all came home!

I would also like to introduce you to our newest family member , Miriam's new companion dog CARA! She is half lab and half collie making her the perfect breed, literally. She is sweet , loving and even though Miriam cannot stand her she responds to her. She is starting to tolerate her and even calls her by name. :)

As far as me, everything is still the same although things get a bit tougher as the baby grows. New pain comes, my body can walk less and fatigue is my enemy (as with most pregnancies). I have a feeling if things keep progressing as they are we are going to end up having an early arrival. We are praying that the baby will at least wait until about 30 weeks, that way both of our chances are good. I will keep you updated.

For now here are some pictures of the girls and their daddy. :-)

Gia sporting her new beanie and hello kitty dress!


Monday, September 15, 2008

20 week Ultrasound

I know there are several people who want this update so here goes. I went in today for my second tri. Ultrasound,we had hoped to find out the sex of the baby but were unable to do so due to some complications. The baby was turned in a very odd direction and all they could get were shots of his/her little tush. Nothing at all indicating boy or girl so we will have to wait another month. However we might not be ableto find out the neither. The baby is really cramped dueto the fact I was also diagnosed with Placenta Previa. The baby is ok right now but it has the potential to cause some serious issues further down the line. Wish us luck that he/she continues togrow well and that we have no complications. As of now I have been put on pelvic rest throughout my entire pregnancy. I need to take it seriously easy for the next several months.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Miriams 4th birthday!

Well, our little girl has hit the 4 year old mark as of today and is officially no longer a toddler. The winds from hurricane IKE were hitting us hard, the weather was horrible and we had to stay in but she still had a wonderful birthday full of decorations, music and a birthday cake w/ haagan daas which she buried her face in.

She even managed to walk away with some loot. She got a pair of roller skates, a radio flyer sport trike, an MP3 player to hold all of her Greg and Steve, A pretty rainbow necklace, a new night gown, a picture day outfit complete with shoes and a bag full of goodies (which she had a blast opening I might add, the little squishy thing is her fav , thanks Joanna and Roxlee!!! :-) ) We took her outside once the weather cleared to ride her trike but it was getting dark. The camera also managed to go nuts out there so no pics of her radio flyer. :(

But we did manage a "few"...


Thursday, August 28, 2008


We had such an amazing Christmas. Tom was home for a whole week from work so we had a chance to spend a lot of time together as a family. We stayed home this year because I am due any minute but it was very special and memorable none the less!


Monday, August 25, 2008

Miriam is home!

Well she has really been out of school for a few hours but I had to take her to speech. Let me tell you, I am SOOOO PROUD of Miriam right now. Her teacher told me that she was amazed by the difference between Miriam and the end of the year. She said she definitely heard Miriam speak more and imitate sounds/words more. She said Miriam did a lot of participation during songs and learning time. I don't remember exactly how it went but it was something like Miriam said no with all the other kids when asked a question that the answer was no to. She said Miriam sat on the potty without fighting and she didn't lose her mind all day, she was very cooperative.

I am really REALLY hoping this is the year Miriam breaks free from being held back by the blindness so much. She is the age where most blind kids reach a breakthrough into normalcy so I am VERY hopeful.

I was worried how she was going to react to her speech today which was about 45 minutes after school was over. She was a nightmare in the waiting-room , she bit me, she head-butted me (busted my lip), pinched me, it was FUN! I know she was tired but it was ridiculous. However her speech therapist said Miriam did a wonderful job and didn't act at all like in the waiting-room, I am thankful beyond the core. It is a little hard to believe she didn't act up, but I was in the waiting area with Gia so I can't argue. Hopefully after a few weeks of this new schedule she will be back to normal.

Anyway, I did have an experience today with miss Gia. She terribly missed her sister. She started crying the second Miriam walked into the school and cried until she came home. She wouldn't have a thing to do with me and wouldn't let go of her dreadfully ugly lovie. Here are a few pics of her today with this horrid little doll she loves so much, it was about her only "non-crying" time today. You would never guess the doll had a bath YESTERDAY!

*keep scrolling there is more of the first day of school!


Miriam's first day at school!

Miriam got up early and headed off to the first day of her second year of school today. She ate a great breakfast with her favorite food (bacon) , watched some backyardigans and wonderpets, got mad because school wasn't coming fast enough then we left. I got a few pics before we left and at school. I will update later in the afternoon when she gets home as to how her day went! :-)

BTW, the image is clickable so you can see the pics bigger. :)


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Dream Home!

Tom and I have been wanting to purchase a home to raise our children in for a long time. Even more so since we found the town we want them to grow up in. The only problem is , we have no down payment and not the greatest credit. Today for the heck of it we went on a cruise of our dream community, while driving Tom shouts, "that house is perfect". I kind of ignored him at first because we NEVER agree on a home , in fact, at first glance we still didn't but we stopped and looked anyway. To our blessing the doors were open for viewing. We walked in and were dumbfounded! This was the house of our dreams, something we never even knew we wanted all wrapped up in the perfect little package. Open floor plan, perfect amount of bedrooms, family room, nice backyard for the kids, a great garage with the perfect kitchen and a park half a block away with a nice pool. It really was everything, in fact I left crying it was so perfect. Not so sure why I am writing about something we cannot buy , maybe it is because we can afford it , who knows, I mean our payment in this rent house is more than our payment would be in that one (even with the taxes). We pay a fortune for literally nothing, I actually get mad everytime we hand over our rent.

I am going to do something though, I am going to online and try to find some option that would help us get this home or even one in the community like it (they build to order). Our kids deserve a permanent home, we have to at least "try" to give it to them. I am just not sure how.

Anyway, here is the link CLICK TO VIEW OUR DREAM HOME please don't buy it before we get the I love this house!

I just want our kids to have what I never did growing up and that is stability. Rentals offer none. When I was a kid we moved every 6 months to a year. It was so hard having to go from school to school, friends to friends. Miriam especially NEEDS stability. Mainly because she needs a place where she can feel safe because she never has to relearn it. Can you imagine being a little blind girl who once a year has to learn a new houseplan? I know, there are alot of souless people who will try to take advantage but we will do it legal, IF we can even find anyone. I doubt it, but it's worth a try.

Why can't we know people? So many people out there have parents who buy them homes, co-signers, people who help finance them independently. We don't know anyone who could help but at this point I am willing to do almost anything. Anyone know of someone willing to produce a big miracle for a nice family of 5 who works their tales off? I know, me either.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Owie Owie Boo Boo!

Well, Gia had her first "real" accident today. My little bundle was prancing through the house like the walker she has become, arms full of toys and clothes she stole from mommy and daddies room when down she went. Immediately I went into my usual across the room "it's alright baby" response as I aproached to console what was obviously a normal new walker cry. When it hit me that it was not. Gia turned her little head to look at me as blood poured down her little face which combined with tears looked like a massive flood. She had hit her head on the corner of the coffee table (which has been thrown out BTW). Seeing the blood Tom ran out of the room as I scooped her up with my normal "freak out" routine. I am not good at all when the kids get hurt. I am great at sick, but horrible at hurt, I panic. And panic I did! I threw Gia into my husbands arms and frantically ran around the house trying to find something , anything to stop the blood. In my panic I must have went blind because I found nothing. Tom on the other hand grabbed the towel fresh from Gia's bath which was half a foot away from her. We are then frantically trying to get the blood to stop gushing so we can see the damage but Gia not wanting to be held down got the best of us. Eventually we were able to see her face where she had about a 3/4 inch gash just above her brow. She seemed ok , no concussion so I listened to Tom and gave into not going to the hospital. Of course I am me and an hour and a half later we are headed to the emergency room. Of course she was indeed fine but she had to have her little head glued up because the wound would not close. Another teary moment for mommy having to hold her down with 3 other DR's because our girl is a fighter refusing the be held prisoner by the evil medical clan (oh and evil mommy). Once up I was the enemy. In the end Gia is home and sleeping off the popcycle she managed to get from one of the Dr's along with an orange soda. Now I have to go wash the blood covered doggy she got from the nurse. After watching the nurse clean her wound Gia ever so helpful thought it would be a good idea to clean the wound more with "doggy". Go figure!

Now onto happier news... Miriam had "open house" today in preperation for her first day of school. We got to see her teacher , meet the new teacher and visit her classroom which is same as last year. I think Miriam really enjoyed seeing everyone again, Tom and I both know she very much misses school. This was proven this evening when she refused to leave the classroom. We were getting ready to leave when she first jumped into her teachers lap to sing songs, once down she threw herself down onto the floor where she went limp on me. Finally I got her up and walking towards the door she grabbed hold of the table and threw herself down on top of that. No way was she going anyplace, that was school and she KNEW there was no way she had been there long enough. But Miriam will be back for her first day on Monday and I promise to take plenty of pictures for the blog. :-)


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Austin Zoo

Yesterday we packed up a picnic and went with a friend and her little one to the Zoo. It was super HOT and I dragged a near flat wagon up and down hill after rocky hill for hours but in the end we had fun. We saw Lions, Tigers, bears, farm animals, snakes and all kinds of creatures and critters. Miriam's favorite was the rooster, going quiet everytime she heard one of the many, crow. For those of you who do not know, "Rooster" was the first animal whose name she could say so she has an honest interest. Georgia and her little friend Roxlee were fascinated by the oddest species of all.....HUMANS! No matter how many wild animals we tried to get those two 1 year olds to look at the rest of the people viewing the animal always seemed more interesting. Makes you wonder what is going through their heads. In the end I think our trip to the Zoo was more a day out for mommies than a day out for the kids. If we had only known their interest in humans went so deep we would have simply gone to the mall and maybe walked away with some goodies other than heat!


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Pregnancy update!

I just thought everyone needed an update on our the newest member of the Bramlett household , whatever it may be. I have been able to feel the baby flutter around in my tummy for the past 2 weeks, it has been wonderful, although tough because it makes me want to see him/her more. My morning sickness has lightened up as has my blood pressure, which means I can get more done. There for a while the house was in total disarray and my poor girls were so neglected. Some days I was so sick I literally could not move. But all is better now. I am also growing very well, actually I look like I could be 6 months pregnant I am so big. Believe me, I FEEL 6 months pregnant.


That's our boy/girl in there. In about 2-4 weeks we will get to find out what the sex of the baby is. This of course all depends on when my DR. feels is best. I have a feeling we could know NOW, but hey, who am I , just a mom! ;-)


Miriam's back to school haircut!

We had this done a few days ago but as everyone knows Miriam is quite a moody girl who absolutely HATES pictures. Or shall I say she makes it a point to go out of her way to see to it we get no good shots. I finally managed to sneak in some shots while she was wrestling with her daddy. As you can see , she fears him

I was so happy with the lady who did her haircut. Miriam has only had her hair done 2 times (this being the second) the first time I kept her busy with tic tacs but the lady did such a crappy job. I showed her a picture, she did the opposite. I think she can only do that one cut actually because she managed to do the same cut on a child after us. This lady was so patient, she spoke to Miriam the whole time always telling her what she was doing. She even called Miriam buddy the whole time , Miriam LOVES called people buddy, not sure why. But she did the cut I wanted, with a few minor Miriam moments whe hair fell in her snack. (you try keeping a grumpy blind kid happy during a haircut with food when there is hair falling everywhere, not easy). Over all I would say Miriam did pretty well and I honestly think it is because the lady was so caring. I had planned on giving her a really great tip and felt bad when I couldn't. I only had my debit card, no cash and they had a weird system where you had to tell them in advance how much the tip was and she forgot to say something. Usually there is a place on the charge to write in a tip , right? Oh well, next time!


Friday, August 8, 2008


Hey I had to give you all a taste of Miriam's new language skills.

Miriam "A piece of cake?"

Mommy "what?"

Miriam "I said a piece of cake?"

I hadjust opened upa cheese danish.

Mommy "Miriam come over here and youcan have some cake"

Miriam comes over.

Mommy "ok, come sit down and we can share my danish cake"

Miriam shaking head "a chocolate cake"

I tell her that right now weare eatingthe danish. She continues saying she wants chocolate cake.I tell her fine I will get you a slice of chocolate in a minute.

She went crazy screaming "bite,bite bite"

I haveyet to get it and she just says drinking all of my drink "HURRY" then pretends to clear her throat.

That's our crazy girl! A chocoholic just like he rest of us,if only Nana was awake so we could share!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Decorations and school supplies!

Tonight was my regular shopping night and given we gave Miriam back her bed frame (long story) I decided it was time to start working on decorating her room. Miriam could care less if her room was black or pink BUT mommy does. She is in school which means play dates. Other kids might appreciate a fun girly room...right? So I bought some new curtains, a sham, rug, furry throw and a bunch of other stuff. I also upholstered her toybox (which was made by her old PawPaw who she loved with all her heart for her DADDY when he was little) to make a cute window seat. I think it is turning out well, I am trying to add as much touch and feel items as possible. We still need to get her a bean bag chair, a small table/chairs, paint her dresser white , add some wall shelves (up high of course) and refinish her antique bed frame. Lots to do but it is starting to come around. I only wish we could paint the wood paneling, I HATE it. But we can't hence why I am picking bright colors.

What do you think?

We are also DONE with all school shopping, woo hoo! I purchased all her school supplies today and I am very glad to have it all out of the way. We have to take them the 21st which is open house and with any luck I can get Tom to come home early so we can go together. Nothing is worse than when I have to go to Miriam's school events alone. I am not sure if it is a TX thing or worldwide but everyone treats me like some poor single mother. I just want to scream to the world "I AM MARRIED, I AM MARRIED", like they would believe


I've gotta drinkin problem...

As you can see our little Gia is fraught with her daddy's water bottle. Georgia can drink from a cup, bottle, sippy, straw and just about anything else that holds any kind of liquid. It is almost as if she is obsessed with the "drink", any kind and all kinds (well, almost). As you can see, Gia has been devouring that water. As you can also see she just finished eating, she is less mess with drinking than she is with food! She especially loves using chocolate cookies as hair gel, oh and foot cream. Nice!


Monday, August 4, 2008

My newest blog..

I just started a new blog for fun titled "would you buy that". A guide to all the weird products available in the retail world. This is a participation blog so be sure to leave a comment to answer the question "would you buy that".


Vanquishing the nast!

So, you are standing in your living room vacuuming your floor over and over again being a slave to your vacuum. You are finally done and pleased with the nice lines on your carpet indicating CLEAN. You never stop to think about the fact there are a million things hiding in your carpet your good ole "Hoover" simply cannot pick up, the carpet just looks SOOOO good. But underneath it all are little carpet fibers, lint, BUGS, dander and just plane NAST that causes you to sneeze on end during certain times of the year (sometimes after you use the Hoover). That is until the Hoover goes caput and you decide to upgrade to the ever so popular Dyson, because that nice warranty and reputation reels you in!

That is what we found when we brought home our Dyson DC07. Ideally we would like to just rip up the carpet, lay some wood flooring and say goodbye to the vacuum forever but since we are renters that is simply NOT a possibility. This is what led us to vacuum shopping for the 5th time in 5 years. Over the past few days our carpet has been vacuumed AND steam cleaned. HOWEVER when I put together our new Dyson Vac (which was SUPER easy) and turned that baby on I nearly freaked when the canister started filling up. I mean, how could it possibly be "that" dirty? It was amazing and disgusting. My kids play on that floor!

See what I mean... remember the floor was JUST steam cleaned!

The Dyson vacuum is everything everyone is saying and more. It is not near as loud as a traditional vacuum and is really light weight, it just kind of "guides" along the floor. The tilt is so convenient and the power button is literally right at your fingertips. I especially love how the attachments lock right into the vac, please note the "LOCK into the vac" statement. Most traditional vacs slide or loosly snap into place the attachments and often times they end up falling right off. This is most annoying mid-room when you have to stop to pick up the Vac brush. With the Dyson you will only lose an attachment if you are too lazy to snap it back into place after you use it. It also has a lifetime hepa filter, you will NEVER need to buy another one as long as you live. What does this mean? This means for the rest of your Dysons (hopefully long) life you will have a close to allergy free carpet (of course this means you need to USE your vac). Unlike most vacuums the Dyson doesn't spit out the invisible dust and allergy causing bacteria it cannot pick up. The Dyson constantly sucks making it most powerful and your carpet pests worst enemy! Of course the vacuum is super attractive which I could care less about but it does make it all that much more special.

To sum it up, if you have children, allergies, asthma or just plain do not like the fact you are walking on God knows what, do whatever it takes to get this vacuum. Avoid eating out for a month, stay at home instead of going to a movie, save if you have to, but this is one investment worth the effort and since Dyson makes many styles, they offer different pricing allowing almost anyone to afford one with a little effort.


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to school!

Miriam Update It's that time of year again when you head out and get your child ready to start another year at school. This is year number 2 for Miriam and although we have yet to get her school supplies I went wardrobe shopping this evening. I was going to wait for tax free weekend for everything but put it off because I wanted to get a hand at the good clearance stuff. As many of you know I am a SERIOUS bargain shopper, only for the girls I like to bargain shop clothes that are a bit better quality than Wal-Mart. For some reason Wal-Mart (which is the only bargain store we have here) has horrible made clothing for girls Miriam's size which is a 4T (a very popular size for school age kiddos hence the early shopping). Don't get me wrong every now and then I find something cute but it isn't often. So I went to Bealls and it was perfect timing. I got a nice hand at the 70% off clearence "hot sale". My 200.00 Miriam budget (she has outgrown EVERYTHING, including shoes!) went within 30 minutes as I was ripping adorable clothes off the rack like crazy. All in all my loot was WONDERFUL with clothes ranging in price from 3.00 to 16.00 for a 3 piece outfit (Polo at that)!

Here is my list:

3 Polo dresses
3 Polo 3 piece outfits
6 baby doll tops
3 pairs of Jeans
2 pairs of Denim jeans
3 belts
2 Pairs of Mary Jane shoes
1 pair K Swiss Sneakers (10 BUCKS!)
16 pairs of socks

Total 172.73 Savings (500.00)

I think I did well! We have enough left over for school supplies and they weren't even included in the clothing budget. :-)

Georgia Update Gia, my baby girl is a neat freak! I think I might have mentioned how she goes around cleaning the furniture with babywipes which she pulls out herself for the job. But did I mention she picks her toys up when they begin to get "too much"? Well that could be because I had no idea she did. Today we were playing with her bag of mega blocks, building pretty "things" when mommy decides "well, it might be a heck of alot easier to just dump the blocks out". OH NOOOOO, Gia did not agree with her slob of a mommy. The blocks hit the floor and Gia looks at me like I am absolutely INSANE. I couldn't figure out the face until she started throwing the blocks back into the bag. She filled that whole bag back up with the most serious look on her face that I had to record it. I also got her to clean our livingroom table for you. Granted she didn't get as into it as she does normally , you get the picture.



Sorry all the videos are so dark, they upload that way and its driving me nuts!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SO "that's the teletubbies", YIKES! After years of fear and hatred for these creepy little antenna-like creatures it seems I may have to give in to them. At 12 noon I allow Gia to watch TV for 1 hour of educational TV. This gives me a time to get the house straigtened and get myself together. The last few TV times she has watched teletubbies ,the show that has actually given me nightmares in the past. Why do I let her watch this creepy little show you ask? Because it is the only show on TV where she actually interacts with the TV for a FULL 30 minutes. She laughs, dances, talks and does "something" to every word and every move they make. How can I deny something that holds a 1 year olds interest for 28 minutes longer than a 1 year old is supposed to hold an interest in 1 thing? I never understood how parents could allow their kids to watch something so "weird" but NOW I KNOW. I guess this means I am a sellout to kids entertainment? For 30 minutes of happiness for my child I am happy to sell out I just wish it had better compensation for mommy (the show just doesn't cut it), I could really use a new pair of shoes.

EDIT: 5:22 PM

I have added a few pics of Miriam eating her apple today at speech. She did VERY well using her words today and got the pleasure of eating another apple. This one threw her for a loop because it wasn't the same texture (the skin was tough) as her last apple and offered her a bit of a challenge which she was happy to take.

Also below the pics you will find a video of Georgia walking in the living room. Of course she has a way to go before she masters those little legs but she will get there. As I was writing this the phone rang (telemarketer I didn't pick up) but it was on the couch and I am at my desk. Gia walked all the way to the desk in the other room and brought it to me. I wish I had gotten the video of that!

Miriam and her monster apple!

Georgia walking!