Thursday, August 21, 2008

Owie Owie Boo Boo!

Well, Gia had her first "real" accident today. My little bundle was prancing through the house like the walker she has become, arms full of toys and clothes she stole from mommy and daddies room when down she went. Immediately I went into my usual across the room "it's alright baby" response as I aproached to console what was obviously a normal new walker cry. When it hit me that it was not. Gia turned her little head to look at me as blood poured down her little face which combined with tears looked like a massive flood. She had hit her head on the corner of the coffee table (which has been thrown out BTW). Seeing the blood Tom ran out of the room as I scooped her up with my normal "freak out" routine. I am not good at all when the kids get hurt. I am great at sick, but horrible at hurt, I panic. And panic I did! I threw Gia into my husbands arms and frantically ran around the house trying to find something , anything to stop the blood. In my panic I must have went blind because I found nothing. Tom on the other hand grabbed the towel fresh from Gia's bath which was half a foot away from her. We are then frantically trying to get the blood to stop gushing so we can see the damage but Gia not wanting to be held down got the best of us. Eventually we were able to see her face where she had about a 3/4 inch gash just above her brow. She seemed ok , no concussion so I listened to Tom and gave into not going to the hospital. Of course I am me and an hour and a half later we are headed to the emergency room. Of course she was indeed fine but she had to have her little head glued up because the wound would not close. Another teary moment for mommy having to hold her down with 3 other DR's because our girl is a fighter refusing the be held prisoner by the evil medical clan (oh and evil mommy). Once up I was the enemy. In the end Gia is home and sleeping off the popcycle she managed to get from one of the Dr's along with an orange soda. Now I have to go wash the blood covered doggy she got from the nurse. After watching the nurse clean her wound Gia ever so helpful thought it would be a good idea to clean the wound more with "doggy". Go figure!

Now onto happier news... Miriam had "open house" today in preperation for her first day of school. We got to see her teacher , meet the new teacher and visit her classroom which is same as last year. I think Miriam really enjoyed seeing everyone again, Tom and I both know she very much misses school. This was proven this evening when she refused to leave the classroom. We were getting ready to leave when she first jumped into her teachers lap to sing songs, once down she threw herself down onto the floor where she went limp on me. Finally I got her up and walking towards the door she grabbed hold of the table and threw herself down on top of that. No way was she going anyplace, that was school and she KNEW there was no way she had been there long enough. But Miriam will be back for her first day on Monday and I promise to take plenty of pictures for the blog. :-)


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  1. Poor Gia and poor Mommy! What did Miriam think about all the uproar over Gia's accident?