Monday, August 25, 2008

Miriam is home!

Well she has really been out of school for a few hours but I had to take her to speech. Let me tell you, I am SOOOO PROUD of Miriam right now. Her teacher told me that she was amazed by the difference between Miriam and the end of the year. She said she definitely heard Miriam speak more and imitate sounds/words more. She said Miriam did a lot of participation during songs and learning time. I don't remember exactly how it went but it was something like Miriam said no with all the other kids when asked a question that the answer was no to. She said Miriam sat on the potty without fighting and she didn't lose her mind all day, she was very cooperative.

I am really REALLY hoping this is the year Miriam breaks free from being held back by the blindness so much. She is the age where most blind kids reach a breakthrough into normalcy so I am VERY hopeful.

I was worried how she was going to react to her speech today which was about 45 minutes after school was over. She was a nightmare in the waiting-room , she bit me, she head-butted me (busted my lip), pinched me, it was FUN! I know she was tired but it was ridiculous. However her speech therapist said Miriam did a wonderful job and didn't act at all like in the waiting-room, I am thankful beyond the core. It is a little hard to believe she didn't act up, but I was in the waiting area with Gia so I can't argue. Hopefully after a few weeks of this new schedule she will be back to normal.

Anyway, I did have an experience today with miss Gia. She terribly missed her sister. She started crying the second Miriam walked into the school and cried until she came home. She wouldn't have a thing to do with me and wouldn't let go of her dreadfully ugly lovie. Here are a few pics of her today with this horrid little doll she loves so much, it was about her only "non-crying" time today. You would never guess the doll had a bath YESTERDAY!

*keep scrolling there is more of the first day of school!


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