Monday, August 4, 2008

Vanquishing the nast!

So, you are standing in your living room vacuuming your floor over and over again being a slave to your vacuum. You are finally done and pleased with the nice lines on your carpet indicating CLEAN. You never stop to think about the fact there are a million things hiding in your carpet your good ole "Hoover" simply cannot pick up, the carpet just looks SOOOO good. But underneath it all are little carpet fibers, lint, BUGS, dander and just plane NAST that causes you to sneeze on end during certain times of the year (sometimes after you use the Hoover). That is until the Hoover goes caput and you decide to upgrade to the ever so popular Dyson, because that nice warranty and reputation reels you in!

That is what we found when we brought home our Dyson DC07. Ideally we would like to just rip up the carpet, lay some wood flooring and say goodbye to the vacuum forever but since we are renters that is simply NOT a possibility. This is what led us to vacuum shopping for the 5th time in 5 years. Over the past few days our carpet has been vacuumed AND steam cleaned. HOWEVER when I put together our new Dyson Vac (which was SUPER easy) and turned that baby on I nearly freaked when the canister started filling up. I mean, how could it possibly be "that" dirty? It was amazing and disgusting. My kids play on that floor!

See what I mean... remember the floor was JUST steam cleaned!

The Dyson vacuum is everything everyone is saying and more. It is not near as loud as a traditional vacuum and is really light weight, it just kind of "guides" along the floor. The tilt is so convenient and the power button is literally right at your fingertips. I especially love how the attachments lock right into the vac, please note the "LOCK into the vac" statement. Most traditional vacs slide or loosly snap into place the attachments and often times they end up falling right off. This is most annoying mid-room when you have to stop to pick up the Vac brush. With the Dyson you will only lose an attachment if you are too lazy to snap it back into place after you use it. It also has a lifetime hepa filter, you will NEVER need to buy another one as long as you live. What does this mean? This means for the rest of your Dysons (hopefully long) life you will have a close to allergy free carpet (of course this means you need to USE your vac). Unlike most vacuums the Dyson doesn't spit out the invisible dust and allergy causing bacteria it cannot pick up. The Dyson constantly sucks making it most powerful and your carpet pests worst enemy! Of course the vacuum is super attractive which I could care less about but it does make it all that much more special.

To sum it up, if you have children, allergies, asthma or just plain do not like the fact you are walking on God knows what, do whatever it takes to get this vacuum. Avoid eating out for a month, stay at home instead of going to a movie, save if you have to, but this is one investment worth the effort and since Dyson makes many styles, they offer different pricing allowing almost anyone to afford one with a little effort.


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  1. OMG, I used to vacuum with the Dyson, empty the canister and do it again, only to watch it fill a second time. Don't try it, you will make yourself CRAZY trying to get an empty canister.

    Thanks for sharing your blog!