Monday, September 15, 2008

20 week Ultrasound

I know there are several people who want this update so here goes. I went in today for my second tri. Ultrasound,we had hoped to find out the sex of the baby but were unable to do so due to some complications. The baby was turned in a very odd direction and all they could get were shots of his/her little tush. Nothing at all indicating boy or girl so we will have to wait another month. However we might not be ableto find out the neither. The baby is really cramped dueto the fact I was also diagnosed with Placenta Previa. The baby is ok right now but it has the potential to cause some serious issues further down the line. Wish us luck that he/she continues togrow well and that we have no complications. As of now I have been put on pelvic rest throughout my entire pregnancy. I need to take it seriously easy for the next several months.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Miriams 4th birthday!

Well, our little girl has hit the 4 year old mark as of today and is officially no longer a toddler. The winds from hurricane IKE were hitting us hard, the weather was horrible and we had to stay in but she still had a wonderful birthday full of decorations, music and a birthday cake w/ haagan daas which she buried her face in.

She even managed to walk away with some loot. She got a pair of roller skates, a radio flyer sport trike, an MP3 player to hold all of her Greg and Steve, A pretty rainbow necklace, a new night gown, a picture day outfit complete with shoes and a bag full of goodies (which she had a blast opening I might add, the little squishy thing is her fav , thanks Joanna and Roxlee!!! :-) ) We took her outside once the weather cleared to ride her trike but it was getting dark. The camera also managed to go nuts out there so no pics of her radio flyer. :(

But we did manage a "few"...