Saturday, August 16, 2008

Austin Zoo

Yesterday we packed up a picnic and went with a friend and her little one to the Zoo. It was super HOT and I dragged a near flat wagon up and down hill after rocky hill for hours but in the end we had fun. We saw Lions, Tigers, bears, farm animals, snakes and all kinds of creatures and critters. Miriam's favorite was the rooster, going quiet everytime she heard one of the many, crow. For those of you who do not know, "Rooster" was the first animal whose name she could say so she has an honest interest. Georgia and her little friend Roxlee were fascinated by the oddest species of all.....HUMANS! No matter how many wild animals we tried to get those two 1 year olds to look at the rest of the people viewing the animal always seemed more interesting. Makes you wonder what is going through their heads. In the end I think our trip to the Zoo was more a day out for mommies than a day out for the kids. If we had only known their interest in humans went so deep we would have simply gone to the mall and maybe walked away with some goodies other than heat!


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  1. Gia ia looking more and more like her daddy! I love the picture of the girls asleep in the car.