Sunday, August 10, 2008

Miriam's back to school haircut!

We had this done a few days ago but as everyone knows Miriam is quite a moody girl who absolutely HATES pictures. Or shall I say she makes it a point to go out of her way to see to it we get no good shots. I finally managed to sneak in some shots while she was wrestling with her daddy. As you can see , she fears him

I was so happy with the lady who did her haircut. Miriam has only had her hair done 2 times (this being the second) the first time I kept her busy with tic tacs but the lady did such a crappy job. I showed her a picture, she did the opposite. I think she can only do that one cut actually because she managed to do the same cut on a child after us. This lady was so patient, she spoke to Miriam the whole time always telling her what she was doing. She even called Miriam buddy the whole time , Miriam LOVES called people buddy, not sure why. But she did the cut I wanted, with a few minor Miriam moments whe hair fell in her snack. (you try keeping a grumpy blind kid happy during a haircut with food when there is hair falling everywhere, not easy). Over all I would say Miriam did pretty well and I honestly think it is because the lady was so caring. I had planned on giving her a really great tip and felt bad when I couldn't. I only had my debit card, no cash and they had a weird system where you had to tell them in advance how much the tip was and she forgot to say something. Usually there is a place on the charge to write in a tip , right? Oh well, next time!


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  1. What a cutie! I love Miriam's new haircut.

    Aunt Ginger