Friday, August 27, 2010

Reasons why I home-school!

So, earlier today I got an email from someone who read my blog claiming that I was doing my daughters an injustice by schooling them at home. I have received many negative “reviews” from many people, my mother in law , my mother, teachers, friends, etc and honestly I could care less about any of their opinions. If they do not have faith in our decisions as parents and intelligent people they do not deserve to have an opinion. But I did decide to let everyone know a few of the never ending reasons why we decided to home-school our daughter.

Reasons why I decided to home-school!


1. ..I and my husband as our children’s parents are the ultimate educators. Nobody can ever know my children and their needs like we do. I grew so sick and tired of having to argue with the school, therapists, teachers, etc... as to what my child is capable of. I got sick and tired of hearing how "behind" Miriam was, behind on things I KNOW she can do because I have seen her do them. What the heck happened to make educators think just because they have a degree they are suddenly the end all of education? Number one even to the person who spent 27 hours in labor with them! My opinion matters, in fact, being the one with her all day everyday , my (and my husbands) opinion is the ONLY opinion that matters. Just because she doesn't trust the educators enough to open up doesn't mean she cannot do what they cannot see.

2. ..why would I want to send my daughters into a public education system full of fear? A system where so many of the schools have metal detectors and a long history of violence because of children raised lacking morals? A system where you cannot even feel safe in a building that has it's own police force? Schools should not need metal detectors or their own police. They shouldn't "need" to tell kids guns, knives and other WEAPONS are forbidden on school grounds. Kids should be raised by parents who teach them this is not acceptable, they should know that bit of information before they ever enter the school premises!

3. ...I don't want my other daughters to grow up having to fight for their sisters right to be treated fairly and equally by their peers (or for them to be bullied). I don't want my children to fear everyday because of some sick bully whose parents could care less about him/her taking his/her family issues out on my children. My daughter(s) should love school, not be afraid of who was going to make fun of a certain difference they might have. So many kids are cruel and I demand to CHOSE who my children spend an entire day with.

4. ...I can chose what they learn, how they learn it and mold everything to fit Miriam's needs as well as the needs of her sisters. If I want to teach from the bible so be it! If I want to stand up and have a dance contest in the middle of class so be it! If I want to play music all day to help Miriam learn so be it! Our classroom is OURS to do with as we see fit. To make learning more than just grades and report cards.

5. ...everyone who goes to public school is at the mercy of the school. A child cannot speak their mind to a teacher, cannot have an opinion, if they do they get detention or suspension. Nobody can have an opposing opinion and not be told they are wrong. Public education suppresses our children's talents and personal character to make us zombies to the system. My children, like all children, are unique and will learn in an environment that caters to their uniqueness.

6. ...I have had 2 different schools tell me in ARD meetings how important Miriam was to their "budget". Her first school told me they got tons of money for Miriam and were actually angry when I pulled her out. Her second school confirmed that she did bring in a good chunk but quickly turned it around by mumbling "but oh, it all goes to her education". Somehow given that she seems to learn more at home during the summer than she ever did at school I highly doubt it! In the end Miriam is just a number.

7. ...why should my children have to fight for attention in a classroom of 1 - 2 teachers/aids with 10-20 children (some schools even more). My children like all children deserve one on one attention. And Miriam NEEDS it...ALWAYS. One on One education is as important to her well-being and growth as water is to the same.

8. home I have everything Miriam needs to be properly educated (again, every for Gia and Soph as well). Schools, classrooms and assignments are all designed towards sighted non special needs children. Why would I want her being educated at a school not fit for her needs? You wouldn't send your child for dog obedience training why should I send my child to be trained to be something she cannot be which is sighted?

9. ...I love them like no teacher can love them. Love and learning go together hand in hand. The bible teaches it is a parents duty to educate their children and I believe it is because of the massive amount of love put into our hearts the day we give birth to a child. With that kind of love we are capable of anything and everything even providing our children with a quality education. And what you do not know you can learn! In fact it is proven that home schooled children often times have higher test scores than a child raised in the public education system.

10. ...we believe in family values and we want our children to learn those same values. We want them to learn what is proper and what isn’t, to say please and thank you, yes Mam, no Mam, yes sir and no sir! I have witnesses the behavior of children in schools and I want my children to have no part of it. The things Miriam came home saying her first year made me want to wear earplugs every day she came home just to avoid hearing what nasty or rude thing she learned that day. Miriam is VERY impressionable and some things I do not want to her to be “impressed” by.

11. ...there is no reason a child should have to be up before daylight to learn. Children need more sleep than adults, their bodies are still growing. The only reason a child has to be at school by 7:30 in the morning is because the teachers have to have enough time in the day to teach EVERYONE which they usually do not get around to doing. Kid disrupts class that is 5 minutes, lining up for lunch 10 minutes, going from one class to another 5 more minutes , sometimes 5 or more times a day depending on your grade, going to / coming in from recess 15 minutes, boarding a bus 10 minutes, ride to school/ home on the bus 15-30 minutes one way. It is all about wasted time which adds up and the fact that public schools require too much of it with not enough results to account for the time they get. At home they get to learn without all the interruptions then they get to spend quality time with their family where learning doesn’t necessarily have to take a break.

12. ...they can get just as much peer to peer interaction as home-schooled children as they could at school through home-school “groups”. The only difference is that I will personally know the children AND their parents. I will know where they live, how they live, what their standards for education are and their morality level. To home-school is not to deny ANYTHING , including interaction with other children.

13. ...just because a teacher went to school and has a piece of paper giving them permission to “teach” doesn’t mean they are “good, honest” people. I hear everyday of a teacher getting arrested or fired for improper conduct with students. Conduct ranging from violence to lewd conduct. If a school cannot keep children safe from teachers do you honestly think they can keep your children safe in any other way or teach them adequately?

I can keep this list going the next 10 miles but I think I have made my point. I swear I am going to print this blog post and from now on I am going to keep it handy. Anyone who questions me or belittles my choice to home-school can read it and eat their words. Anyone who criticizes a home-schooler does so because A. They are educators who feel threatened or B. They haven’t the faintest idea what they are talking about..ignorance should NOT be bliss. I am happy with my choice to home-school and if I could go out there and tell every parent to do so I would. In fact, I think I am going to do just that. I beg of you to consider home-schooling, whoever you are. ESPECIALLY if you have a special needs child. Sure , educators will tell you how important it is to have a “professional” when you have a child whose needs are different but that is just because they want to keep their job. If I were an educator I can only imagine how scared for my job I would be if everyone decided to keep their kids at home. But truthfully your kid needs YOU and they need ONE on ONE. ALL special needs children need one on one education and all non special needs would benefit from it. If you have thought of home-schooling in the past put your fears aside and make the choice. I can assure you that your life will be free of many stresses should you decide to leave the teaching to YOU. This is my first year but in the past few days I have never been more sure of my decision!

God Bless,
Jenna Bramlett



  1. I chose to put my kids in public school simply because, right now, homeschooling is not right for our family.

    That being said . . .

    I fully support a family's choice to homeschool. For many children, homeschooling is the BEST education they will get. You get to teach your child through life experiences the things they will NEED to know later in life - not what some governmental standardized test SAYS they need to know. You also get to teach your child faith and spirituality - two things they will NOT get in a classroom.

    Homeschooling has a bad rap for being something it's not. There are many, MANY, well-adjusted, intelligent, SUCCESSFUL people that were homeschooled. In fact, homeschooling has a higher college graduation percentage rate than public school.

    Jenna, I FIRMLY believe you are doing the right thing by your children. This is what's best for MIRIAM, beyond everything else.

    God Bless you, Mama!!

  2. Thank you Jennifer. And trust me, I understand some people have problems finding time and means to home-school. But I do believe it is possible for everyone with some rearranging and time. Hopefully someday you will be able to make this choice for your kiddos! :-)

    As far as a bad rep, it has that because people are ignorant and scared at the same time. It is really tough for people to think their children are not getting a good education by people who paid lots of money to be able to teach. The mere idea that a child can be educated by the uneducated is frightening. It makes some parents feel a bit like a failure and teachers feel threatened. So people speak out against homeschooling. but you know what, homeschooling is becoming a regular means of education and I am so excited to be a part of it. :-)

  3. Good for you and your family. We love homeschooling. I really enjoy having my children home with me. I love teaching them about Jesus and what a wonderful God they have. Some days are harder then others but we get through it. We look at homeschooling as a way of life for us. If dear hubby lost his job, I believe we would continue to homeschool. Dh said, he'd work at Wendy's or deliver pizzas if he had too =)