Thursday, December 11, 2008

Doctor Update!

Ok, so I went to my DR's appointment Tuesday. I had my blood test done for the diabetes (still have not heard a word yet) and we had an ultrasound. In the Ultrasound the babies legs were once again shut tight and his/her butt was up in the air. My DR. decided to go ahead and give an opinion , her words "Well, I am going to say I think it is a girl." I asked her why she says it's a girl. She says that she is going to say its a girl for the simple fact that she sees no boy parts through the little crack of the butt. I then asked if that was a definitive answer to which she says "Well, we did have a women deliver a few weeks ago with 2 girls already, she was told she was having another girl because her baby did the same thing and she ended up having a boy in the delivery room" So, on that note........WE STILL DO NOT KNOW. She is making a guess, most likely to satisfy my need to know. If only the baby would open up the legs just a little! Next time I need to remember to never pick a DR. who admits to not being able to read an ultrasound.

Anyway, here is a peek at my 8 month belly. :)



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