Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our first Lapbook...."sort of"

I was wandering around Wal-Mart the other day and came across this really neat multi-page dry erase learning notebook. It had about 3 dry erase boards with pre-school activities on the front and back. I had every intention of purchasing said board until I decided to make my own as I tend to do with everything in life. I am someone who hates buying anything that is possible for me to do myself.So before I make the splurge I always come home and research the possibilities either in my head or online.

So what I ended up deciding, with a little help from the internet is to put a cheapo notebook, some laminate folders and a set of dry erase markers to good use. I purchased some cheap but cute 1.00 fabric, a .50 cents clearance princess folder for deco and came home to make Georgia's special book.

In total I spent spent 7.20 cents which was about .50 cents more than the book at Wal-Mart which is fine with me since it is custom and I can change the pages anytime I want which actually makes this invaluable. It is also fine with me because as it stands with this book Georgia has over 50 learning activities from the alphabet to concepts! Unlike what would end up happening with the pre-made book there is no way for her to get bored. Did I mention my book came with markers? ;-)

The price is as follows:

Binder: .75
Markers (with eraser on tip): $3.00
Laminate folders: 1.95
Fabric: 1.00
Folder: .50

I know this isn't your "classic" lapbook but it is the first thing of it's kind we have done. We do plan on making a classic folding lapbook but it is something I want to do with Georgia during her private learning time this Saturday. This is however something that is so easy to make anyone could do it. If you want to avoid the crafty part of the book you could just use the binder as is, purchase one with a clear folder & print off something or buy one with a print. I just did it this way because I know how much my kids love things with a personal touch. Georgia tends to be more drawn to something that fits her personality, it's a bonus if her name is on it.

The second Georgia saw the book she went nuts with joy. She was screaming "Mommy I just love princess and school class!". Then she sat down at her desk and started working hard. As soon as I left her to her own devices she started TRACING pictures. Tracing was one of the things she has been refusing to do in class. Don't you just love reverse psychology?



  1. Oh...I Love, Love, Love this idea...I am going to have to try it..This would even be great for learning Math Facts..: )
    thank you for sharing this idea...
    In Christ

  2. My mom did that with CalcuLadder worksheets. Works really well for the math drills. Definitly planning on doing that for my children.