Monday, September 6, 2010

ABC Lapbook...FINALLY!

I must say our first by definition lapbook was an "interesting" adventure. Mainly because of all the brailling involved. My husband pointed out that we were going to send our Perkins brailler into shock because I was using it so much and boy was he correct! I swear I heard a little wheeze when I put it away for the night.

Our first lapbook adventure took us through all the ups and downs of A's, B's, C's and their many many cousins. I paint, printed, cut, glued and folded until my hands were numb and my fingers were black from glue and ink. (which they still are) I know these things are supposed to be "easy" but with a blind child NOTHING is easy! I cannot just paste any old coloring page or ABC print out. It has to be special and literally "hands on". If she cannot feel it, I might as well not even bother to make her one and since I refuse to leave her out that is not an option. I sure hope she likes it!

A little description of our ABC lap-book. We have coloring alphabet cards, ABC wheel, ABC board game, ABC Bingo, dry erase ABC dot to dot and dry erase Name & Alphabet practice/tracing sheets. I did get a little intricate but I don't see the point in making a lap-book you use once. I wanted something we can use all throughout the year. This is that multi-use lap-book. I tried to make it interactive & fun for all of us and since Georgia loves playing games I decided to make and add a few. This is Miriam's lap-book, Georgia's is the same minus the braille and the fact the letter are going to be raised. (will get to that tomorrow)

And just incase anyone wants to use any of these activities or even all of them just click and print. (at least I think that will

Oh and a little pointer on making certain things dry erase..a little bit of clear packing tape goes a long way! ;)

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