Friday, August 8, 2008


Hey I had to give you all a taste of Miriam's new language skills.

Miriam "A piece of cake?"

Mommy "what?"

Miriam "I said a piece of cake?"

I hadjust opened upa cheese danish.

Mommy "Miriam come over here and youcan have some cake"

Miriam comes over.

Mommy "ok, come sit down and we can share my danish cake"

Miriam shaking head "a chocolate cake"

I tell her that right now weare eatingthe danish. She continues saying she wants chocolate cake.I tell her fine I will get you a slice of chocolate in a minute.

She went crazy screaming "bite,bite bite"

I haveyet to get it and she just says drinking all of my drink "HURRY" then pretends to clear her throat.

That's our crazy girl! A chocoholic just like he rest of us,if only Nana was awake so we could share!


1 comment:

  1. I agree with Miriam. When a girl wants chocolate, she wants it NOW.
    What a great story!

    Aunt Ginger