Thursday, August 7, 2008

Decorations and school supplies!

Tonight was my regular shopping night and given we gave Miriam back her bed frame (long story) I decided it was time to start working on decorating her room. Miriam could care less if her room was black or pink BUT mommy does. She is in school which means play dates. Other kids might appreciate a fun girly room...right? So I bought some new curtains, a sham, rug, furry throw and a bunch of other stuff. I also upholstered her toybox (which was made by her old PawPaw who she loved with all her heart for her DADDY when he was little) to make a cute window seat. I think it is turning out well, I am trying to add as much touch and feel items as possible. We still need to get her a bean bag chair, a small table/chairs, paint her dresser white , add some wall shelves (up high of course) and refinish her antique bed frame. Lots to do but it is starting to come around. I only wish we could paint the wood paneling, I HATE it. But we can't hence why I am picking bright colors.

What do you think?

We are also DONE with all school shopping, woo hoo! I purchased all her school supplies today and I am very glad to have it all out of the way. We have to take them the 21st which is open house and with any luck I can get Tom to come home early so we can go together. Nothing is worse than when I have to go to Miriam's school events alone. I am not sure if it is a TX thing or worldwide but everyone treats me like some poor single mother. I just want to scream to the world "I AM MARRIED, I AM MARRIED", like they would believe


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  1. I love Miriam's room. I also love reading your blog.

    Aunt Ginger