Wednesday, July 30, 2008


SO "that's the teletubbies", YIKES! After years of fear and hatred for these creepy little antenna-like creatures it seems I may have to give in to them. At 12 noon I allow Gia to watch TV for 1 hour of educational TV. This gives me a time to get the house straigtened and get myself together. The last few TV times she has watched teletubbies ,the show that has actually given me nightmares in the past. Why do I let her watch this creepy little show you ask? Because it is the only show on TV where she actually interacts with the TV for a FULL 30 minutes. She laughs, dances, talks and does "something" to every word and every move they make. How can I deny something that holds a 1 year olds interest for 28 minutes longer than a 1 year old is supposed to hold an interest in 1 thing? I never understood how parents could allow their kids to watch something so "weird" but NOW I KNOW. I guess this means I am a sellout to kids entertainment? For 30 minutes of happiness for my child I am happy to sell out I just wish it had better compensation for mommy (the show just doesn't cut it), I could really use a new pair of shoes.

EDIT: 5:22 PM

I have added a few pics of Miriam eating her apple today at speech. She did VERY well using her words today and got the pleasure of eating another apple. This one threw her for a loop because it wasn't the same texture (the skin was tough) as her last apple and offered her a bit of a challenge which she was happy to take.

Also below the pics you will find a video of Georgia walking in the living room. Of course she has a way to go before she masters those little legs but she will get there. As I was writing this the phone rang (telemarketer I didn't pick up) but it was on the couch and I am at my desk. Gia walked all the way to the desk in the other room and brought it to me. I wish I had gotten the video of that!

Miriam and her monster apple!

Georgia walking!


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