Friday, September 17, 2010

55 Fine Motor Activities

My oldest daughter Miriam has some serious issues with fine motor skills as do many blind children and others with various special needs. Throughout the years we have been doing all kinds of activities with her, ideas we came up with on our own, ideas we found online or ideas we were showed by someone else. Next weeks blog focus is going to be on sensory and motor skills and the various activities we can do as parents to help our children with their sensory and motor issues. I decided to go ahead and kick off the week early with my list of "fine" Motor activities which work great for not only blind but other children as well.

55 Fine Motor Activities

1. Threading beads/noodles with string or shoestrings

2. Rolling newspaper into screws
3. Putting golf tee's into the pegs pf a peg board
4. Using peg board games
5. Sewing on embroidery canvas
6. Sewing fabrics
7. Screwing screws into wood with a screwdriver (pre-drill holes)
8. Make and playing with finger puppets
9. Roll Chinese balls or shooter marbles in each hand and between fingers
10. Shred paper or newspaper
11. Play the game of Jacks

12. Use tweezers or chop sticks tied off with a rubber band to pick up small items such as rice or noodles
13. Rolling/tearing play-doh or clay
14. Tying & untying shoes or shoe activities

15. Buckling & unbuckling belts
16. Cutting with scissors (fabric, paper, etc...)
17. Drawing, painting & coloring (you can buy raised line coloring pages or make your own with puff paint)
18. Unbuttoning buttons & snaps
19. Opening and closing various objects
20. Playing instruments such as a piano or guitar.

21. Spinning coins on a table.
22. Spinning "tops".

23. Doing puzzles
24. Using theraputty
25. Pop bubble wrap
26. Rolling on large balls
27. Using a Hula Hoop
28. Stacking random objects (cans, coins, blocks, etc...)

29. Screw and unscrew nuts and bolts
30. Uncap jars
31. Stick small items in play-doh for your child to remove
32. Using a a spoon move various objects from one space to another. (marbles are great for this)
33. Unlock doors with keys
34. Pencil sharpening with a hand sharpener
35. Put clothespins on a box, heavy paper or line
36. Use a stapler & remove staples with remover
37. Use wikki sticks or play-doh to make ABC's letters and numbers.

38. Do rub drawings of various items around your house or outside
39. Sorting textured fabrics or shapes
40. Cooking (kids love to bake / cook, let them help prepare)
41. Pre drill holes in wood and have your child hammer in nails
42. Making hole cards with a hole punch and threading them.

43. Rolling up paper
44. Making paper airplanes
45. Dropping coins into glass soda bottles
46. Using a brailler (they gotta learn somehow)
47. Turning the pages of a book.
48. Pulling/tugging stretchy fabric of all kinds.
49. Pulling up grass. (my daughter loves feeling and smelling grass)
50. Planting seeds in pots.
51. Rolling a ball.
52. Shooting Marbles into a cup.

53. Brushing hair.
53. Washing hair (the entire process)
54. Roll a marble through a side ways towel tube and try to keep it inside.
55. Tying & untying knots in rope.

On the same note I found this wonderful website that has so many wonderful toys for the mobility challenged child. They have beading toys, sewing toys, stacking toys, toys galore! And the prices are very affordable! Blueberry Forest Toys

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  1. I love your blog! What great inspiration..and I need inspiration every second. I wake up every day like the girl in "50 First Dates" and make it up as I go along. I've been here before but can't remember if I left you a note. I'm gonna have to write something useful on my page for homeschooling... you're good! I don't know if people want to hear how many times a day I have to pry kids out of the bathroom and wrestle them back to their workspace!

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Following back! Enjoy the weekend.

  3. That is a great list and I will use and it and share it with others! I have a daughter with Down Syndrome so I too am always trying to think of new ways to work on motor skills. There are several in this list I didn't think of, so thanks!

  4. really good list, thanks for sharing. I am always looking for 'teaching' activities for my daughter and i think this is an area she struggles with also.

  5. oh, and i meant to say I'm following you back!

  6. There are a lot of good, simple ideas on this list. I'm making a note to try some of them out.

  7. Lots of new ideas for me to use with my girls, thanks!