Thursday, July 31, 2008

Back to school!

Miriam Update It's that time of year again when you head out and get your child ready to start another year at school. This is year number 2 for Miriam and although we have yet to get her school supplies I went wardrobe shopping this evening. I was going to wait for tax free weekend for everything but put it off because I wanted to get a hand at the good clearance stuff. As many of you know I am a SERIOUS bargain shopper, only for the girls I like to bargain shop clothes that are a bit better quality than Wal-Mart. For some reason Wal-Mart (which is the only bargain store we have here) has horrible made clothing for girls Miriam's size which is a 4T (a very popular size for school age kiddos hence the early shopping). Don't get me wrong every now and then I find something cute but it isn't often. So I went to Bealls and it was perfect timing. I got a nice hand at the 70% off clearence "hot sale". My 200.00 Miriam budget (she has outgrown EVERYTHING, including shoes!) went within 30 minutes as I was ripping adorable clothes off the rack like crazy. All in all my loot was WONDERFUL with clothes ranging in price from 3.00 to 16.00 for a 3 piece outfit (Polo at that)!

Here is my list:

3 Polo dresses
3 Polo 3 piece outfits
6 baby doll tops
3 pairs of Jeans
2 pairs of Denim jeans
3 belts
2 Pairs of Mary Jane shoes
1 pair K Swiss Sneakers (10 BUCKS!)
16 pairs of socks

Total 172.73 Savings (500.00)

I think I did well! We have enough left over for school supplies and they weren't even included in the clothing budget. :-)

Georgia Update Gia, my baby girl is a neat freak! I think I might have mentioned how she goes around cleaning the furniture with babywipes which she pulls out herself for the job. But did I mention she picks her toys up when they begin to get "too much"? Well that could be because I had no idea she did. Today we were playing with her bag of mega blocks, building pretty "things" when mommy decides "well, it might be a heck of alot easier to just dump the blocks out". OH NOOOOO, Gia did not agree with her slob of a mommy. The blocks hit the floor and Gia looks at me like I am absolutely INSANE. I couldn't figure out the face until she started throwing the blocks back into the bag. She filled that whole bag back up with the most serious look on her face that I had to record it. I also got her to clean our livingroom table for you. Granted she didn't get as into it as she does normally , you get the picture.



Sorry all the videos are so dark, they upload that way and its driving me nuts!


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