Sunday, August 24, 2008

Our Dream Home!

Tom and I have been wanting to purchase a home to raise our children in for a long time. Even more so since we found the town we want them to grow up in. The only problem is , we have no down payment and not the greatest credit. Today for the heck of it we went on a cruise of our dream community, while driving Tom shouts, "that house is perfect". I kind of ignored him at first because we NEVER agree on a home , in fact, at first glance we still didn't but we stopped and looked anyway. To our blessing the doors were open for viewing. We walked in and were dumbfounded! This was the house of our dreams, something we never even knew we wanted all wrapped up in the perfect little package. Open floor plan, perfect amount of bedrooms, family room, nice backyard for the kids, a great garage with the perfect kitchen and a park half a block away with a nice pool. It really was everything, in fact I left crying it was so perfect. Not so sure why I am writing about something we cannot buy , maybe it is because we can afford it , who knows, I mean our payment in this rent house is more than our payment would be in that one (even with the taxes). We pay a fortune for literally nothing, I actually get mad everytime we hand over our rent.

I am going to do something though, I am going to online and try to find some option that would help us get this home or even one in the community like it (they build to order). Our kids deserve a permanent home, we have to at least "try" to give it to them. I am just not sure how.

Anyway, here is the link CLICK TO VIEW OUR DREAM HOME please don't buy it before we get the I love this house!

I just want our kids to have what I never did growing up and that is stability. Rentals offer none. When I was a kid we moved every 6 months to a year. It was so hard having to go from school to school, friends to friends. Miriam especially NEEDS stability. Mainly because she needs a place where she can feel safe because she never has to relearn it. Can you imagine being a little blind girl who once a year has to learn a new houseplan? I know, there are alot of souless people who will try to take advantage but we will do it legal, IF we can even find anyone. I doubt it, but it's worth a try.

Why can't we know people? So many people out there have parents who buy them homes, co-signers, people who help finance them independently. We don't know anyone who could help but at this point I am willing to do almost anything. Anyone know of someone willing to produce a big miracle for a nice family of 5 who works their tales off? I know, me either.


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