Friday, May 23, 2008

And so we begin!

It seems so many of our friends are moving into the world of blogging to keep friends and family updated on their lives and although I find my life to be nothing exciting enough to read about I decided to see what the world of "blogging" was all about.

Where to begin?

How about I start with the biggest news we have had in 10 months which happened less than 3 hours ago

A little test just told me ...for the third time....and that is that my not supposed to be fertile body is PREGNANT!

That's right, 2 doctors proven wrong for the third time. This MOMMY who was never supposed to have babies is having a third baby with super daddy. Are we happy? Of course we are, this is what we have been trying for. Tom saw the test and practically jumped for joy....then it set in..... WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! In the hoopla of being parents and possibly having a little boy to toss a football with he forgot that the little person who comes along with that boy/baby/football means the need for more MONEY. Money for more clothes, doctors, food and of course THE FOOTBALL. SO, he is now in bed, tossing and turning, worrying about EVERYTHING. As most daddy men do. But we are happy, he IS happy and in possibly 8-9 months (who knows til we see the doc) we will hopefully be giving birth to little Thomas Ian Bramlett who will end up being a football God.

News of the Day number TWO!

Its the end of the school year and Miriam has been running me crazy back/forth to school with all sorts of activities. So far she has been in the special Olympics and the Austin O&Mathon track meet among other things. But today was the most special of all, the end of year Awards Ceremony where Miriam was presented the 110% award for Outstanding Performance. We of course were both proud mama and papa since this award shows us she is putting effort in her classroom environment beyond what she shows us.

I can honestly tell you that in all the years we have been parents , the move here was the greatest choice we could have ever made. Besides the fact this is a wonderful little town Miriam has been presented an amazing environment with amazing people allowing her to learn by full participation. We see these people in this classroom with other students show such love and affection, true care for our child. She loves them as they obviously love her and it shows through her response in daily life.

I am not only thankful to them but thankful to God for giving us the ability to make this choice. Mentally, financially and physically he allowed us to provide this for our children. Every time I see my daughter do something new or hear her say a new word/phrase my heart is filled with a love of God even greater than the moment before.

Thank you God!