Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Holidays, diets & craziness OH MY!

I know it has been a while since I have updated the blog. Things have been crazy lately, between homeschooling, moving and the holidays I sometimes don't know whether I am coming or going. On top of that with the move Miriam's schedule is all messed up and her mood swings & meltdowns are at an all time high. After the first of the year we plan on getting back into a routine. Only this time it is going to be a 100% daily routine. We will also be putting Miriam on the gluten/casein free Autism diet. As she gets older the autism seems to be getting worse. I don't know if it is because as she gets older she needs more so her inability to communicate well is making her more frustrated or that she just needs an even more structured routine. All I do know is that we need to do everything possible to try and make her world more comfortable (and ours as well). As far as education though, she is improving greatly. one of my favorite things is that she joins in our class songs and even requests her own with a real structured request instead of parroting a title. I also think country life agrees with her. It is quiet and she has plenty of room to run around outside and play without fear of running into something. And she does play, she plays hard. Whenever we have outdoor time she runs , dances and bounces her way around the yard, laughing and singing all the way. She also has a bit more freedom in the layout of our new house. The space is a bit bigger so she has less to be weary of. (now if only I could get her sisters to keep their room As far as Georgia and Sophia, they could not be happier with the situation. They have neighbors that love them and give them attention (the feeling is mutual) , they have a yard full of play toys, 3 dogs to play with, children who visit on occasion (neighbors grandbabies) and a brand new classroom.

This Christmas was also a fun one for everybody. My mother, who I don't particularly get along finally came for a visit. She stays for almost 4 days and the girls had an absolutely blast. Georgia and Sophia have never "really" met her (Georgia has physically but she was 6 months old so she has no memory). They enjoyed there time with grandma tremendously and cried like crazy when she left. The visit turned out to be a blessing in disguise because she and I were able to lay our cards out on the table and we manage to come to an understanding about each others lives. For the first time in my life she accepted responsibility for abandoning me as a child and forcing to be raised by an alcoholic. She finally sat down and listened to all I had to go through without making it all about her. It led to a sincere apology and to her telling me she was proud of me for the life I made for myself and told me I had wonderful beautiful children. Those words are all I have ever wanted, I didn't get them from my father but I am thankful to have heard them from her. And I hope it is the start of a new relationship, one where we can actually be a mother and a daughter, together instead of separately.

Anyway, I hope I will get to come online more to update. I am going to be FINALLY starting back to school next month after Sophia's birthday so busy is about to climb up 10 fold. But maybe posting will bring some release. It should be interesting between homeschooling, going TO school myself and running a household. But I guess it will be good prep for when I get a job from home.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year will be full of love and luck!

(not many pics, I didn't take many, things were NUTS)

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  1. Glad you updated your blog. I've been thinking of you and praying you are doing well. I recently met my father for the first time, so I can relate. I hope you'll be able to get online more often.