Saturday, August 28, 2010

Project on my mind!

So, my brain has been storming like crazy today, as usual. I ordered some scented crayons recently and have been thinking about why it is I paid 7 bucks a box when I could have made them myself utilizing back to school crayola prices? Right now crayons are between 15 - 25 cents a box! If I buy some essential oils and some cheap molds to go with them I can make TONS of crayons for less than 1.00 a box in the long run. Once the sales are over I can do a crayon drive for old broken crayons.

These are the molds I am going to buy which are 7.75 each for 5 cavities...

Classic Crayon shape...

And my favorite ..LEGGOS!

It seems like a pretty easy task to make your own crayons, you just melt and put in a mold. Crayola now makes a crayon maker....

but upon reading the reviews I am not sure I want to invest the thirty bucks. Plus I am not so sure how I would place in the scented oils. I think I will save more money if I go with the molds and she will end up getting thicker crayons and textured shapes. I just love being crafty!

Has anyone else made their own crayons?



  1. We've put them in muffin tins and melted them down in the oven (using left-over broken bits, LOL) It was really neat - they made really cool marbled crayons. Just be sure to use liners if you plan on using the muffin tins for food, LOL!!

  2. How long would you say it took the crayons to cool? I am going to be using a muffin tin to separate colors an melt but transferring them into molds when the temp lowers to about 150 degrees.