Saturday, August 28, 2010

Must be doin something right!

Tonight was our weekly shopping excursion. The day of the week Georgia gets to stay up late and have time out with mommy shopping for groceries and what not. On our outing I learned a few things and one of the things I learned is that Wal-Mart is packed to the hilt with TRIANGLES. Did you know the signs above the isles are triangular? Did you know the plastic bag turntable is triangular? Or that the isle shelves have triangular holes? If you didn't you do now and for all that knowledge you have to thank one Georgia Bramlett, 3 years old, because apparently thanks to her mommy she is a wealth of information after a measly week of homeschooling! So to all of you who didn't trust the fact I would be able to teach (because we all know my children have yet to walk, talk, think or breath thanks to me being such a HORRIBLE mother. 'insert rolling eyes here') sit on that for a while. You now know some of the most worthless information in the world but at least the information is triangular!

All kidding aside, Georgia has known her basic shapes for a while (yes I taught them to her) but she was never confident in her knowledge. I am so happy to see her willing to express herself with perfect confidence!

Now for your enjoyment in my brightest and loudest Georgia voice I declare "TRIANGLES MOMMY, TRIANGLES"!!!

Do you know your shapes? If so...find the triangle! :D



  1. There are a lot of triangles . . . I never noticed that there were that many in Wal-Mart. The perceptiveness of new eyes. :)

    Thanks for find my blog!

  2. Hello! Thanks for following my blog. I enjoy your blog as well. -Becky R in NJ

  3. Jacob is a triangle freak - kinda like Telly monster, LOL. He noticed ALL the triangles on his own. He also has now noticed all the different lights - those are pretty cool to point out because the security lights are round, but in the bathroom they're rectangle.