Saturday, August 28, 2010

What would you say or do?

Have you ever been out in public and noticed someone with a child you might think has the same type of disability as your own child and desperately want to say hello but you don't quite know how to get the words out? This has happened to me so many times and knowing how I would feel if someone walked up to me blurting out "IS YOUR KID BLIND" it is not the easiest thing in the world for me to do. I don't want to offend the parents and I don't want the child to feel "different" or out of place. I also do not want to go around shouting out their possible business to others. Not that I myself am ashamed or anything I just know there is a time and place for these types of discussions. I also know that finding a child who is blind with Autistic tendencies in my tiny town is a very rare thing. When I see someone I want to know them because I know I would love to have a support network of moms who "get it" and I know most other moms would want the same.

The reason for this post is because I was at the market today purchasing items to make homemade laundry detergent (that post will come later) and I had this very experience. I pulled into a parking space at the exact same time another family pulled in. I watched the father help their son very carefully out of the car then I watched dad wrap the boy in his arms and walk him into a seat in a shopping cart. Inside the store I noticed the child's eyes were closed, his hands constantly moving for stimulation as I also noticed him running his arm along the cart to find his mothers hand. I walked all over that store even though I had everything I needed trying to think of what to say, how to approach the situation without bringing attention or making anyone uncomfortable. In the end I totally chickened out!

Georgia and I walked back to the car, I reached for my soft drink and saw a pen and a pad of paper sitting in the seat next to me. Then a thought crossed my mind to write a nice note and leave it on their car. I did just that explaining about Miriam and how I didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable but if they were in the same boat as my family I would love to hear from them sometime. In the note I left our home number and details that they could also find me on Facebook and Blogger then folded it and left it on their windshield. I am not sure if I will ever hear from these strangers or if my choice to leave a note was the right thing to do for "them" but I know I had to let myself be known and put myself out there.

If this was you, what would you have done?

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  1. I love that you did that. If their son ISN'T blind, then you haven't embarrassed them or anything like that, but if he IS, then you might have just sent them a God-breeze. : )

  2. I have chickened out many times!lol I see kids that I'm *pretty* sure have some sort of autism but it's getting harder and harder to tell and I don't want to embarrass myself or anyone else.

  3. I chicken out all the The lady never called or emailed but hey, they aren't ready for something like that. Maybe they will keep my number and one day make the call.