Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy week!

OK, I have two blog posts coming your way with pictures of the classroom and the first day of school but the camera has been having issues keeping charge, I think I need to buy a new battery. I had a little accident yesterday trying to catch up on things, I bent down to shove a little box under the bed and sent my back into a frenzy leaving me with a major back sprain and one serious bruise to boot. As a result we lost today because all yesterday I could not bend into an upright position and this morning was no better. I am feeling a little better now but am dreading going to bed for fear I will end up suffering for it. I am so bad about knowing when to do things and when not to do them and I hate waiting for other people. I have a serious problem with taking "help", which I know annoys the heck out of everyone. It used to be I could do anything but right now I am just not in good shape so the things I do seriously backfire on me.

None the less, I just love our classroom and so does Georgia. She is always telling me how much she loves it and always tells me "thank you mommy" every time she comes into it. I am so thankful that little girl is not disappointed because I know how much she was looking forward to school. Hopefully Miriam is equally pleased but with her it is hard to know for sure. Tomorrow we have a great day planned! I have been up for the last hour or so working on some alphabet, number and shape coloring pages for Miriam using puff paint to raise the edges. I have also brailled almost everything in this room. I even added pictures and braille to each girls seat (also added some velcro to Miriam's). My goal is to find our hand brailler and add braille to the furniture. I must say I think I could braille with my eyes closed now..lol

Anyway, I just felt like writing a bit. I promise to get back asap with the pics as soon as I get my camera to hold a charge.



  1. Woah... I love the class room! That is one of the best home school class rooms I have ever seen! Way To Go! Love reading about your days... keep this up, because there are so many other Mommys of blind children who need this! They need to know they can do better for their own child(ren).... Hugs Mama Hugs

  2. Thank you so much Dana, such an awesome compliment coming from you! :-) One of the reasons I plan on blogging daily is because several people have asked us to post what all we do in class that helps Miriam. A lot of blind homeschool moms have blogs but they don't really focus a lot on the task so I figure , why not!