Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First day at school!

We had an amazing first day of school even though it was cut an hour short by a dumb mommy who threw her back out. All week long we are working on learning the Letter A, the Number 1, Triangles, squares & circles as well as many other things. Our day is packed full of fun things, from music time where we play instruments and learn songs to Gym where we get a little workout to music. During our entire day I had music playing softly to keep Miriam interested and it worked wonders! We had a few little fits but they were nothing like she normally has. Whenever she would start losing it I would stop talking and start singing our lesson instead , it worked every time! Everything she colored or wrote I traced the day before in puffy paint so she could feel the edges. I also added braille to everything so she could learn the braille letters and words for things. I am so happy with how things went I just wish we could have finished the day!

Pics from our second day because my camera was not working on the 1st.

Today at school!

Oh and I forgot to show you our Bramlett Journal yesterday. I made the journal myself and once a week we plan on having some kind of tactile or sensory activity. Tomorrow we will be having a touch and feel scavenger hunt and recording our findings. We will put all kinds of "things" in the journal that we find on our adventures to make it not only a written journal (which I will translate into braille) but a tactile and sensory filled journal as well. All of these things are why she is at home. I feel so blessed to be able to give her a classroom molded to fit her needs.


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