Sunday, August 22, 2010

Our Classroom!

Well, Tom and I have finally finished the classroom for the girls. It was LOADS of hard work but it is worth it. We decided to make our master bedroom the dedicated space since it has the access to the backyard and a bathroom. That way we do not get any wanderers during school time. The two of us built everything in the classroom except for my desk which was a couch table, I just added a curtain to hide my mess underneath. The kids table used to be an old desk that was falling apart I drew on the shape, Tom cut/anchored (it was too thick for me to cut with his ancient saw) and I painted. The bookshelf was an old upright that had rot at the bottom so I broke out with the power tools cut off the bottom, put it on it's side and rearranged the shelves. The calendar is not what I set out to make but it works. Everyday we come into the classroom, look outside to check the weather then we chose from the pictures in braille and add weather pics which attach with Velcro. We do the same with the day of the week , month and date. The rug was painted, it was an old stained kids rug. Eventually I want to add a big star in the middle but I ran out of I even made the backpack hanger on the The chairs in the room were an awesome and CHEAP Wal-Mart find (as was the mirror at only 5 bucks!). They are thick and hard plastic and I paid 5 bucks each for them which was a lot less than I expected to pay for chairs. The room turned out just like I had hoped. Because of Georgia it had to look like a real classroom. She has been looking forward to the day she goes to school for so long and believe me she knows what a classroom looks like!

Anyway feel free to click on the pics for a tour of the room. :-)


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