Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The pull-up Gods are smilin!

Fare warning blog readers, it is time for a rip roaring installment of the super fun future teenager embarrassing POTTY TALK. Really it is our first REAL potty time blog but I think it is far time that we celebrate the wonders that is potty training because our Georgia deserves some talk! For the last year we have been "trying" to potty train her but have not had much luck in doing so. We have heard all the "they have to be ready" talks but at the same time we have people like Nana shoving the "it is time, it is wrong not to" down our throats making us look like bad parents. I now know any parent should ignore anyone who claims it is time as if you are doing something wrong in not potty training because it is 100% up to the kid. After Georgia's 3rd birthday I put my foot down to pull-ups and started Georgia wearing panties all day then hitting the bathroom every 30 minutes. This was not our first try at this routine, in fact this is how we have always done it, but it was the first try I didn't get a screaming kid declaring war on the bathroom. Georgia decided it was time to start using the potty without any issues all on her own. She wasn't ready at 2 but at 3 she is a big girl! And now thanks to her being ready for this potty training adventure she is using the potty in each way (1 & 2) even asking to go potty when out and about at public places. Which truly is an amazing breakthrough because she does in fact wear pull-ups in public. A small price to pay to avoid embarrassment for all parties involved. Now days if we don't go out we use one pull up per day at bedtime, some days even if we do go out it still remains 1 pull up because it is back to panties when we get home. I am so happy to see my middle monkey working so hard to be a big girl on the potty and I know daddy is happy to see the 100 bucks a month going back into his pocket slowly but surely.

My biggest prayer in all of this is that Georgia will be that extra hand I need in helping Miriam learn to potty. I have a goal of having her finally trained by 6 years old. She still has a fear of the potty sometimes but is willing to sit on it and on occasion will use it. But for now, yay for Georgia!


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