Monday, July 5, 2010

We tried!

Today has been such a disaster! I woke up ready to do my chores then decided it might be fun to take advantage of Tom being home an extra day to do something fun with the girls. We have not been to a movie in forever so I figured since "How to train a Dragon" was at the dollar cinema that we would give it a shot and catch a flick. But since Tom decided he did not feel well it ended up just being myself and Georgia. By the time we got to the movies (15 minutes early mind you) the show had sold out. Since the movie was on 2 screens, the next showing was at 5:00 just an hour and fifteen minutes later. Given that we drove half an hour to get there we hit up the McDonald's for some ice cream and time on the playscape. After half an hour it was time to hit the movies, only problem was that I ended up having to literally drag a shoeless Georgia out the door kicking and screaming. This should have been a sign that I should just cash my tickets in and head home but no, I kept trucking.

Let me tell you that we picked the dollar cinema half an hour from home to economize but instead ended up spending close to what we would spend at a better theater. The movie which was advertised on the website as being 75 cents on Mondays was actually full priced and the popcorn and soda was dollars more than any other theater I have ever seen. None the less we paid the price because who can see a movie without popcorn and a drink? ;-) So we watched the movie with Georgia talking the entire time which at first did not bother me. She was so sweet when asked what was wrong when she just could not seem to sit still , she replied "nothin mama, I am just soo happy". Only an hour into the movie she decided it was time to have a full on conversation then announce to the theater that she needed to "pee". We went to the potty, went back to the movie only to have her throw a kicking screaming fit in the aisle because she wanted to play video games instead. Of course, I am not giving in to a 3 year old and her fits so we left the theater and went home.

Once we got home, she refused to eat because the neighborhood girls decided to come play. Against my better judgment at letting Georgia play with older kids I let her go out back to be with them. Tom had already told them they could play with her while we were gone and I did not want to second guess him. But no more than 5 minutes (more like 3) after being outside with they all strolled in proclaiming "we are leaving", no more explanation. Poor Georgia came inside so sad asking me "where girls go mama, wanna play with girls!". We then decided to let her and her sisters go play, we also let her ride her bike with daddy out front but she got mad so they decided to practice rollerskating. Nothing worked to cheer her up, she went to bed exclaiming how sad she was that the girls left and did not want to play with her. Needless to say these little girls will never be coming to play here again.

We did get some cute pictures of Georgia rollerskating with her daddy out of the deal. We tried to make a good day out of it but I guess every once in a while you just have "one of those days" that you should have stuck to the plan. I just wish today was not the day Georgia learned how rotten other kids can be. "I" wasn't ready for that!


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