Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fun for all!

Last night was a parenting nightmare. Probably not much fun for Georgia and Sophia either! For the last 2 months Sophia's crib was missing a screw, the hole in the wood had stripped so Tom needed to drill a new hole or buy some bigger screws. Tom not thinking it was a big deal (unlike mommy who was in knots for 2 months waiting for daddy) neglected to fix it. Last night, we paid the price as the bed fell to the ground. That one screw led to many screws becoming unstable and while SOPHIA WAS IN IT it fell. After comforting a screaming Sophia, by myself because Tom was at the Gym, I had to take the bed down because it was done for. Which led me to figure out where Sophia was going to sleep. We had a toddler bed in the garage so I rushed to put it together even though there was no way this 18 month old was ready for a toddler bed. I cleaned the room, moved toys into the closet for safety and set the room up with the extra toddler bed. Once set up I thought, wow, maybe she is ready. She played on that bed like there was no tomorrow. But when time came to go to sleep, the nightmare began. It was up/down/up/down for hours. I could not leave the room and close the door because every time she would get up Georgia would scream bloody murder and shove Sophia back in bed. So for fear of Sophia being hurt I sat at the foot of the bed putting her back in when she climbed out singing songs for an hour. All while Sophia kicked, screamed, pounded her fists into the wall, yelled at me, punched me with Georgia screaming "More songs mommy" like hell had not just opened up and sucked us in. By the time Tom got home all I could say to him was "go away" because I was so angry with him, he spent the time sitting in the hallway with his head in his hands being driven crazy by the noise. After hours of insanity, I just let Sophia get up so poor Georgia could go to sleep. Over an hour after that Sophia started dozing off and we put her in the bed again then shut the door. No more crazy noise as it seemed it was Georgia's screaming that turned it into madness, with her asleep things were easier. Sophia wandered around the room, slamming the play kitchen doors, knocking on the bedroom door a few times then silence. We went to check on her about 10 minutes after putting her back in the room and found this:

We are sure this will not be the final night of insanity. But at least we know now to save a few hours by letting Georgia fall asleep first and alone.

FYI: Sorry about the crappy pic but there was NO WAY we were going to open that door any more than we had to for fear someone would wake up.


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