Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Perfect Birthday present!

For the longest time Tom and I have been trying to figure out just what to do for Miriam that would make her birthday extra special for her. We have decided that we need to do more things together outside the house as a family and in my search I found the perfect place. The place is called Morgan's wonderland and it opened it's doors on April 10th 2010! A special theme park in San Antonio and the first in the world of its kind dedicated and made especially for special needs children. It is a giant magical wonderland of experiences that would make Miriam's senses roar and we are so excited to make the appointment for her birthday in September. That's right I said appointment! The park limits the amount of people on a given day and asks that you make reservations. Which is an excellent idea since many special needs children cannot handle crowds and noise. (Miriam being one of those children) Special needs children are free of charge and every other person over 2 years old is only 5 bucks a head. An amazing price for such a special place! This place opening means a small step towards indifference, it is a place where families can be one. I love it!


On another note I just had to take a photo of the beautiful lilies Georgia ran through the door and handed me. She and Tom went on an "outing" and decided since I was feeling a little low they would surprise me. Tom usually buys me roses when I am feeling down in the dumps but I welcomed the change. Lilies are my absolute favorite. Unlike a rose, they get prettier everyday!


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