Friday, July 2, 2010


We have been working a lot in this house on "Sharing". It seems we have been working on this FOREVER when it comes to Georgia. I don't know if it is that she was 2 and is now 3 that she cannot seem to grasp that she has to share or if she is just stubborn about it. She never even wants to share her room which was Sophia's room first. We have to fight her to sleep every single night now since Sophia has been put into that toddler bed. Since Sophia is "free" to roam the room Georgia seems to think the room should be just hers and Sophia should just "get out" as Gia so eloquently puts it. We did kind of have a break through today. Not after a little bit of a fight and a few threats to lose certain birthday items for life, but Georgia decided to share her princess dresses. (and for the record, we mean business in our house. No threat is ever just a threat.) Not that she can wear 3 outfits at once but God forbid another person borrow one while it is sitting closed up in a box. The outcome of this sharing event was 20 minutes of Sophia getting to wear the pink princess dress after Georgia declared "FINE, she can wear the pink one." And I must say for the record, the terrible 2's drove me crazy, the 3's are going to drive me straight into the madhouse!!!


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