Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Skin conditions...

What do you get when you take septo optic dysplasia and mix it with Pan hypopituitarism in a 5 year old with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia? You get a blind, sickly, seizure prone kid with horrible skin conditions! Of course the fact her parents have very sensitive skin and both suffer from Psoriasis which is an inherited condition does not help. Miriam has Ezcema, Psoriasis and the new skin culprit.......ROSACEA! And you know what makes having Rosacea with the other conditions very difficult? The medications that help the other conditions IRRITATE the Rosacea! Right now she has an outbreak of Psoriasis on her neck (it also breaks out around her nose often), it is red and flaky. We are thankful she does not suffer plaque psoriasis like Tom, instead the suffers the kind her Nana has. The Psoriasis came on after strep throat just like Tom so we are on the watch for plaque. Her excema has her legs, thighs and bum torn to bits and now her face looks like someone slapped her on both cheeks. When it first appeared months ago I was home with her and it just showed up out of nowhere. Tom came home and you know, he actually did think I slapped her. (you would think he would know me better than that!) So my question to the Dr when she goes this next time, "What do you do for a kid who has every skin condition in the world?" I feel so bad for her, because I KNOW it hurts. She is so brave with all the stuff she has to put up with!

The redness is A LOT worse in person. :/


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