Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beike Biotech Stem Cells go international!

I read this article the other day on the Beike Biotech website about their stem cell procedures. They have merged with another China based company and have every intention of going international with the procedure thanks to the merger.

Beike Biotech Goes international

Tom and I still very much want Miriam to have this procedure. We have just been dealt a really bum deal as far as fundraising goes. Our biggest obstacle was getting stuck in a town that had just been screwed over by a family trying to raise money. This family raised tens of thousands of dollars from people who lived in Taylor only to later find out they spent all the money on drugs and new grown up "toys" all while their 2 terminally ill children lay dying. People like these truly do not deserve to be a part of the world.

Not to mention the "curse of the news", it seems every news venue we got to actually write or report about Miriam conveniently forgot to include any contact information so nobody knew where or how to donate. The Austin American Statesman and the paper I grew up with REFUSES to post anything about our child but they posted about an El Paso teen who was getting the procedure after constant requests from friends and family. I still do not get how a teen that lives 400+ miles away is more news worthy than a little 5 year old girl who lives 5 minutes away. But at the risk of sounding like a bigot, this young man was Latino and the statesman has a tendency to favor those of non Caucasian decent as far as certain news stories are concerned. We were overjoyed to hear of another person having the procedure but in all honestly, it should have been Miriam's story as she is a local.

Fundraisers have been failures because the local Taylor paper seems to conveniently omit our ads so nobody ever knows they exist. Taylor has serious posting rules, so putting up a sign would get us fined. If I were a crazy person I would swear people were out to keep our blind child from ever having vision. It feels as if Miriam will never have the chance at having this procedure. BUT hopefully this step Beike is taking is a step in the right direction. Not having to go all the way to China for the procedure would be a God Send because it would save us tons of living expenses for the month we would have to live there. And "maybe" the procedure would cost less here or she would be able to get into the trial. For the longest while things were looking grim for our baby, now it seems there is now a little flicker of light. We would still have to raise money for the procedure and thanks to the ridiculous rules in the US where they will ignore the years and years of research already done and the insane amount of positive results our government will require their own research so they can make the most money off of it we will have to wait 3-5 years.

Please pray the procedure makes it here quickly. It has been over a year since we began fund-raising, I would really like to have my faith in human beings restored sometime soon and let my daughter have her chance at seeing the sky.


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