Monday, February 11, 2013

Battery HELL!

I am convince that battery operated toys are nothing but a cruel joke created by toy manufacturers to make psychiatric asylums more money by driving parents bat shit insane! It seems there is nothing toy wise short of buying everyone a bag of dirt that doesn't take batteries for something. When I was a kid almost nothing seemed to have batteries, or they did and my parents tossed away or returned the dreaded gifts usually supplied by grandparents, aunts and uncles because "Hey, they aren't our kids!" so we'll spoil um and make mom and dad suffer the consequences. The worst part about it is that having a blind child in our mix we kind of HAVE to aid in the noise making revolution of battery operated toy hell. We don't even get the joy of saying "Dammit Grandma, we're gunna kill her for this!" and unlike most parents who have figured out that batteries eventually die and as far as the kids are concerned the toy dies with it we have to keep stock in the battery chain. From noise making balls to talking barbie without noise makers our house would be toy hell for Miriam. I try to take comfort in knowing the joy my daughter gets out of battery operated toys but when all 4 of my kids have four or a thousand different noise makers going off at any given time I can't help but the wish I myself were deaf. Though I can't live without you , I hate you batteries, you are making me prematurely bald!

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