Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Our Growing girls!

We got the girls growth charts today and for the most part we are very happy with the results!

Miriam 6 years old

Average height for her age is 41 inches/ weight 46.2 pounds

Miriam is 45 1/4 inches & 43 pounds. Putting her in the 16th & 18th percentiles.

Not bad for a girl they said would stop growing by age 4 without growth hormone. We stopped giving her HGH because every strain made her deathly sick, which is actually quite common with HGH. She was sick 6 months out of the year, throwing up, white as a sheet which I believe caused her seizures to escalate! I am confident we made the right choice. I would rather her be short than not enjoy life.

Georgia 4 years old

Average height for her age is 37 inches/ weight 35.2 pounds

Georgia is 41 3/4 inches & 38 pounds. Putting her in the 80th & 37th percentiles.

As for Georgia, she might be considered chunky for her age BUT she is also taller than the average 6 year old which means her weight is just right. :-)

Sophia 2 years old

Average height for her age is 30 inches/ weight 28.4 pounds

Sophia is 34 1/2 inches & 43 pounds. Putting her in the 18th & 3rd percentiles.

My Sophia monkey might be a little twig but she eats like a horse and is tall like her daddy!


UPDATE on Miriam:
I am so happy with Miriam. Not only did she lose her first tooth today BUT she has been asking to go potty and actually doing so when she gets there. This is such a giant leap for our world. The thought of having a pull up free house is now realized!

She has also been communicating like crazy. Tom accidentally bumped her head on the wall after putting her down out of his lap where she was sitting. She rubbed her head and laughed. I said "geeze daddy, don't knock her brains out...Miriam tell him not to knock your brains out" (not expecting her to say it) and she said to him "daddy, don't knock my brains out!" I praised her for saying something new and she got so excited for that praise that she told him

We have also been playing a musical "game" of sorts. She sits in my laugh and says something. Whatever she says I have to sing it in music form she then has to repeat it EXACTLY as I sang it with melody. She has been really doing great, not only cooperating but she stays very in tune with the things I sing back to her. She likes this game so much that she actually comes up to me to initiate it.

I am so proud and am so giddy to get back to school this year. I have lots of wonderful things planned for her, the other girls and our classroom.

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