Sunday, January 23, 2011

Miriam Update

I had to write up a post to update on our little Miriam! Lately she has been speaking so much, cracking jokes and just being active with the world a little bit more than normal.

Lately at meal time instead of saying the basics, things like "more and want ice cream" she has been saying things like "Miriam want some more food (ice cream, etc.) or my favorite part she can distinguish dinner from lunch for instance when she REALLY REALLY enjoy's the meal she says "Miriam wants some more dinner/lunch/breakfast." If she wants a drink she says WHAT she wants in the form of a sentence instead of just "drink or some more", she says "I want some water" or "I wanna drink of water" or "Miriam want some tea, ice tea" (we don't let her have tea, not sure who ever did that she knows what it is!). Sometimes she says I want to play with sisters or Miriam want play dough" She actually PLAYS with toys now, presses buttons on her own, etc... She also drinks from a regular cup now without a straw and can scoop her own food with a spoon or fork but we have to kind of "order" her to do it. Since we had that breakthrough she has been very stubborn about using her utensils. Not sure why, maybe testing boundaries, who knows! We have been noticing her counting more and we are starting to think she is counting words, like counting how many numbers you can count within a word. It has taken me a while to realize what it is she is doing but she will say a word but before she does she counts out loud. Like when she asks for ice tea, before she asks she counts really fast 12345 then shouts ICE TEA. I had Tom say ice tea on the phone while he was at work while I counted 12345 and it was perfect. Miriam thought it was hilarious and she started doing it with me. It is the oddest thing I have ever seen, I know Autistic kids can have an obsession with numbers but this is such a weird "skill" to have that I don't know what to make of it. All I know is that counting out loud is something she likes to do. I used to count with her when she got frustrated and started hurting herself (which she still does), maybe it calms her?

Anyway, this is just some of the latest newbies Miriam is showing off. Everyday is like Christmas when she does or says something new. Every parent looks forward to their kids taking their first steps, walking, talking and developing like normal children. We parents of special needs children have a lifetime of the excitement of the first steps. They aren't always fun to wait for but when the day comes we cherish every second.

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