Sunday, January 23, 2011

Georgia going bye bye!

I have been trying to get Georgia, my 3 year old, to clean her room since 9 o-clock this morning. I finally just told her "Georgia, either get your room clean or you are going straight to bed after dinner" to which she says "NO, I'M NOT CLEANING MY ROOM I RUNNING AWAY!" I was about to argue when I realized how sick of arguing with her I was so I gave in with "Fine, fine, run away, good bye Georgia". To which she says "FINE, I running away! I gunna go get my stuff!" I look at her on the brink of hysterical laughter and say "well, what yah going to take with you?" She says "I gunna take my buzz lightyear and Broby!" She stomps away and I hear from her room "where in the heck is my Dora backpack!" at this point I break down into said hysterical laughter. Georgia marches out of her room with her Broby doll and her Buzz light year (minus a Dora backpack) . I say to her, "well, so long Georgia is was great knowing you!". She goes to the door, puts her hand on the knob, pauses and says "Mommy, can you drive us?" *insert more hysterical laughter here* I say as I laugh "oh no, you're running away you have to do that all on your own!" She stands by the door for about 5 minutes then comes and says to me with her toys in her arms "mommy, I don't think I want to run away n ee mor."

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