Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Migraine's and Thank you's!

Boy has this been one heck of a noisy, yucky, migraine inducing day! From the second Miriam got up this morning she has been belligerent beyond words. She didn't want to get up but I made her although she screamed the whole time until breakfast. Then the second we hit the classroom she had meltdown after meltdown until I couldn't take it anymore and sent her to bed. She didn't even eat her snack so I am sure she just isn't feeling well but it did not make for a positive experience. We did manage to get through most of our day together, her only missing our lego counting exercise and coloring our number of the week. But I managed to get her through most of the important stuff. We had enough counting mixed in with our other activities that she didn't miss anything as far as learning to count.

Since I tried to make today a "worksheet free" day we don't really have any worksheets for show. We played counting games, ABC games, concept games and incorporated our shape activity into arts and crafts. I know Georgia enjoyed herself even though I even think she was a bit under the weather because she sat half the time with her head on her shoulders yawning.

Here are a few pics of our very fun arts and craft activity in which we made 3-D shape art. Georgia did everything herself (except cut, we are still working on cutting a line) but Miriam did almost nothing because she refused hand over hand today. I did make her squeeze out the glue, drop the paper and pat the shapes down. I can handle a little bit of screaming, I just cannot handle the screaming WITH throwing which is what she started doing later in the day. I do not tolerate throwing things so she spent 6 minutes in timeout then went to lay down because the time out was worthless.

Later on in the day we ended up having a word war with Miriam. We have decided to play it tough with her when it comes to "manners". Georgia and Sophia have excellent manners, always saying please and thank you. We always "tried" to get Miriam to follow suit but she played dumb and pretended to not have a clue what we were talking about. And until recently when she started speaking more, really speaking, not parroting we bought it hook line and sinker (to a point). The past few weeks however she says things like "please" and "thank you" but only when she "wants" too. She even said to Tom earlier when he called on his way home that she would "see you in 10 minutes...or maybe 18 minutes.". There are so many other things we KNOW Miriam can do but is stubborn about (like almost everything) and because we know she can do them we MAKE her do them. Well at dinner when it was time for Ice cream I decided she WAS going to say thank you. When she refused I took the ice cream and sat for 5 minutes urging her to say "thank you" until she exposed the truth with a perfectly clear "I DON'T WANT TO!". In fact it was so perfect it didn't even sound like my kid who said it, for a brief moment the "loud, non verbal" Miriam vanished and opened our eyes to what we have thought for a long time. And that is the fact "SHE CAN" speak A LOT more then what she lets on. So I sat there with her another 15 minutes with her declaring "no" or "I'm not" until Tom started getting her dressed after having NO ICE CREAM. On the way to bed she walked over to me, climbed into my lap and said........"THANK YOU!" For the thank you, she got her Ice Cream. This is my child, belligerent to the end, but she can talk and she understands EVERYTHING!

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