Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chocolate Tuesday! How to eat & WIN a KIT KAT bar 101

Do you love the Kit Kat bar by Reese candy as much as I do? If so might I suggest you learn the best possible way to eat that yummy chocolaty concoction? Doing so will turn your Kit Kat eating experience into one of ultimate indulgence which lasts 3 times as long!

1. Make sure your bar is at room temperature.
2. Break off one bar and slowly and carefully eat just the milky chocolate from around the 4 edges leaving the wafer with top/bottom chocolate in tact.
3. Savor the top layer.
4. Savor the bottom layer.
5. Now enjoy the oh so delicate lightly dusted in chocolate middle wafer.
6. Repeat if necessary!

Congratulations! For the first time in your life you have truly enjoyed a Kit Kat bar!

Now for the important stuff, FREE CHOCOLATE! Want to open up your mailbox to 8 free yummy .49oz bars of Kit Kat for your chocolate eating pleasure?

To enter:

1. "Follow" this blog.
2. Participate in Chocolate Friday by posting an "all about chocolate" blog.
3. Post our "Chocolate Thursday" avatar and link with details about this offer so your friends can join.
4. Post the link in a comment.

It's that easy! 3 Winners will be drawn Next Chocolate Tuesday!

(US Only)

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