Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend from Hell!

You know, Tom and I try so hard to give our girls good positive family experiences away from the house. For the last few months while we got caught back up financially after the layoff we weren't really able to do much other than go to a park once in a while. But this month we actually managed to get caught up and I went looking for fun inexpensive things to do.

Last night we decided to take the girls to Movies in The Park. A local area park which we love was hosting and we thought , hey, fun and FREE. We packed the double stroller, lawn chairs and hit the road. First we stopped off and had an always wonderful burger and fries at our families favorite place The Little Red Wagon then headed to H.E.B. for some popcorn, strawberries & drinks to keep our tummies happy in the heat. Once we got there however it seems movies in the park was much more. There wee booths, carnival rides, music, food and a bunch of other stuff. The website listed these things as "activities" which to Tom and I meant races, maybe music, games, etc... But all was fine, Georgia already got a good peak and there was no way we were backing out. We parked and walked 1/2 a mile to the "activities". We stopped first at the CHILD SAFETY KIT BOOTH hosted by CRIME STOPPERS which was giving away free games & goodies while mommy and daddy signed up for your free child safety kit. Tom had Georgia, I had Sophia in my arms and Miriam in the stroller. Georgia spun, got her hacky sack , Miriam spun, then Sophia. I handed Sophia her toy, turned to Tom and asked the most horrible words I have ever asked in a giant crowd of people "WHERE IS GEORGIA". Our little girl who had been harassing us while her sisters played the game to ride rides had VANISHED. I freaked so much I was literally seeing spots, Tom went to find her. I was so scared to leave that booth for fear she would return not to mention I had a heavy stroller with 2 kids in it. We found her after about 5 minutes and after a stunned mommy nearly passed out. She was at the bungee bounce ride shoes off , climbing on while the operator was begging her to please come down. She was insistent she was not budging, that she was GOING TO RIDE that grown up ride. Tom grabbed her, the next thing I remember was flying with the stroller passed them yelling "we are done, we are going home". I was so sick to my stomach and so scared to be in that crowd with the kids that I had a serious panic attack. We got to the car and I started crying so hard I couldn't stop.

You look at parents who lose their children and you think to yourself "How can you just lose a child" but , I now know how easy it is! And I am sorry to anyone in my life I have ever looked at funny or thought a negative thought about for doing the same. It was a terrifying experience. Not only for myself but I know also for Tom.

We now have a very strict system in place. We designate one person to push the stroller the person not pushing the stroller has the loose child's hand at all times. Frankly I thought this was the way it was anyway but I guess we need it to be in writing!

On to Today's "wonderful" (insert sarcasm here) outing. The plan: take the girls to pick peaches at a pick your own farm about 45 minutes from town. Get some yummy peaches, get a nice farming experience and get out of town which we haven't done in a while. We got to the Star Farmers Market pick your own Farm at 12:05 5 minutes after we were told someone would be sure to be at the farm. I had called a few days ago and we were told they do not keep the times on the website , they said 12noon on Saturday someone would be there so they knew we were coming from pretty far away. 30 minutes later after going to the two houses down the block with no luck, calling 2 phone numbers (after we found a spot with reception) we got someone to say they were out to lunch and that the person who told me they would be there decided to go to market. I was beyond upset about this because I had Georgia going nuts to pick peaches and the other girls pissed because it was 100 degrees outside. They finally showed up and Georgia was made happy picking peaches from the 3 tiny rows of peaches 10 feet from the highway. The peach trees were so unkept, there were more rotting peaches on the ground than on the trees which was sad. But whatever, in the end Georgia had the time of her life and I enjoyed myself with her. Tom was bored to tears and trying to keep Sophia wrangled who wanted to just run but there was no fence and we were right on the highway so that was a no no. Miriam was happy riding around in the wagon that I am SO glad we decided to go ahead and take with us. We came home with 11 1/2 pounds of peaches which we paid about 16 bucks for. Pricey but they are as fresh as you can get.

Here are a few pics. In case you are wondering what that creepy red thing with a face is, it's a strawberry. :/ Tom had to tell me what it was, I thought it was a red witch or maybe a killer

After the "farm" (it wasn't "really a farm the website is very deceiving) we went to Texas Burger where we have been wanting to go for a while now. They forgot to bring out Miriam's food so she had to wait 10 minutes longer for her food, our burgers were horribly dry, the soda's WERE NOT name brand Sodas despite what the machine said and they ended up bringing poor Miriam raw chicken. Needless to say we will never go back there again.

In the end we plan on saving this weekend. The girls can go swimming later and we have church tomorrow. Nothing like some good praise to save the day!


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