Sunday, July 18, 2010

Such a better day!

Thank goodness for today because it means our weekend has been saved. We got up this morning had a good breakfast (well, not and headed off to our new church. It is such a great church! We don't have to impress anyone, nobody cares if our daughters look like dolls, not one person has made the stuck up comment of "I hate it when people dress their kids in cotton for church" (would you believe a FEW people said this to us in the past?) and the total focus on the time at church is JESUS CHRIST! No politics, or political like announcements to start off a service. We have a great sermon and good UPLIFTING Christian music , not drab music sung in the same key at the same sloooow pace no matter what the book says. Tom and I don't have to dress like something we are not, like we are in a contest to see which family looks the best, although we dressed the part it made going to church a nightmare. Church is not a fashion show. And the messages are real messages that uplift you and move you to want to do better in life. The focus isn't on "how the church has changed ME" but on how the doctrine and our savior can change us all.

Most importantly though, our girls LOVE it. Each of them in their own classes, class rooms dedicated to children and set up to keep children interested in what they are learning. Miriam's teachers are patient with her and amazingly just "knew" how to deal with her from the start. They dealt with her like she was a child, not like she was some special being from another planet. Nobody set up "meetings" to dig deeper into her mind. They just know she is a normal kid who just needs an extra hand. Tom said when he picked Miriam up today they had her in a chair playing with playdough, (Miriam's fav. toy) they were making a big ship & animals out of it. They were using it to tell her the story of Noah's Ark. Is it really so hard to deal with her that we need a meeting? 2 weeks in her class and not one episode until time to go when she has a meltdown because she loved her Sunday school class so much she did not want to go. Both the girls have fits when we leave. Georgia calls her class the "Jesus loves us this I know school class". In G's class they learn about our savior with arts and crafts and songs, things a 3 year old can relate with. But mostly the breakthrough is our Miriam, it is so amazing to watch her love Sunday school and actually get something from it.

The church is in between pastors at the moment but they have subs. This past Sundays sermon was on "Grace". Something the LDS church tries NOT to talk about. It was on remembering the meaning of Grace and why it is so important in our lives. About how so many of us live our lives for Sunday but not Sunday for our lives. How we should always live in God's Grace by always remembering that the Grace of God will save us and making sure to remember it is with us even after we are saved. To not go through life pretending to be Christian by trying to do works to get to Heaven or making it a point to go to church on Sunday/Saturday to get to Heaven but by actually molding your life to "BE" Heaven. It was a wonderful sermon that is far too true of so many people. Tom and I love being there learning about and celebrating our Lord and Savior! I am so thankful we decided to do away with organized religion and to go the nondenominational route.

"Unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ."

Eph. 4:7


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