Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday fun day!

Yet another Sunday fun day at the Bramlett's. For the family and friends who did not know we officially and for good left the Mormon church. I have been a member of the church since I was 17 years old but went inactive because of various issues I had which I won't go into. 2 years ago however wonderful Missionaries came to our door while our marriage was going to a little bit of a crisis. Wanting to men fences I thought it would be a good idea to find a spiritual outlet and Tom agreed. He then joined my church thinking it would make me happy and I stayed because I have never had an extended family and they were that extended family. They did wonderful things for our family as far as fellowship and beyond (until we started having some issues which prevented us from going to church anyway then all our "friends" vanished) but in the end the issues I had with the church began to grow to the point I realized that I do not believe The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter days saints to be the true church as they claim. I am not 100% sure if I believe in the Book of Mormon or not but we do know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day saints is not the church Joseph Smith dreamed of regardless. The rest of this is a story for another day but for now the reason why I posted this tidbit of information.

Tom and I took the girls to a new non denominational church today as we both agree that there is no "true" church as we as Sacred Temples of God ARE the true churches and the only Temples in the world worthy of our Savior. In this we believe any church to hold the possibility of being the "true" church as it is in us that truth lives. On the other hand we do not want to reduce ourselves to the rules of denominations which have a tendency to deviate from scripture. A non denominational church offers us a place to worship our Heavenly Father while having a wonderful church family everyone should have. We went to a church not far from our home called Crosspointe and we absolutely loved it. The spirit filled all of our hearts. Miriam LOVED her Sunday school class , they said she talked to them, sang songs with them and played without having one meltdown. She PARTICIPATED in everything and those of you who know Miriam know this to be incredible! She loved it so much she didn't even want to leave. Sitting down and going limp about 5 times trying to Georgia loved it before we ever showed up. Declaring to daddy when he rose late to join us for breakfast "we are goin to church daddy!!! Jesus loves you this I know!! gotta put on church dress". When we took her to her class and tried to hug her bye she said "no, I'm busy, in class!" She is such a character, we had to bribe her with the park in order to leave. And as for Tom and I, we sat in the chapel with miss Sophia. They have a nursery but we wanted to see how she would fair with us since she would have been the only one in the nursery and I didn't want to deny anyone service to watch her. She listened to us all sing modern church song (songs I love and listen to daily), read her little books then fell asleep in my lap. Not one peep out of her. It was great and we will definitely be going back next week.

After church we came home and made some egg salad sandwiches. We had originally planned on a picnic but decided we didn't want to ruin the day fighting the girls to sit down and eat so we all had our meal at home then headed to the park. We went to a new park here and had loads of fun. We had the park all to ourselves so Tom and I made equal fools out of ourselves sliding down the slides, swinging and playing with the girls. I asked Miriam once what she wanted to do and she said to me "I want to slide with you" which again, is huge thing for Miriam to say. She is usually a one word girl and many times will not answer questions.

Right now all of my family is passed out asleep after we came home to some yummy ice pops. I am enjoying the quiet baking a cake and getting ready to start dinner. Pineapple APPLE upside down cake with homemade corn dogs and homemade chili dip. We might even go for a swim later, to be announced!

God Bless you all!


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