Monday, July 12, 2010

Say goodbye!

In an effort to de-clutter, an effort that has been going on for almost a year now, we decided to get rid of all things baby with the exception of a few small first baby items. The big bulky baby items were just being destroyed in our hot garage and we figured someone might need them now. Today out the door went a certain item that has been with us since the day we took Georgia home from the hospital at just 2 days old. The item that we eyed from a yard sale on our way to introduce Georgia to her now in heaven PaPa Bramlett just a few months before he passed away. An item that Georgia lived in refusing to sleep in her own bed for 6 months of her life. She rocked, cried, cooed and said what sounded just like "I love you" for the first time in this item. The item was the faithful Graco swing which was hard for even Tom to give up, as we also slept with it for months a foot away from our bed so we could have easy access to turn it on should Georgia awaken at 3am needing something more than a diaper change or a bottle. Needing the rock that soothed her instantly. Normally I wouldn't post about this type of stuff but watching it leave our house for a new home I watched my now 3 year old Georgia cry and scream begging "I want my swing back" and "my swing mommy". Real tears from a little girl I had no idea loved something so much still to this day. If I felt rotten about giving up this swing that was one of the best and most loyal friends our little family had ever had I certainly feel rotten now. I know we have to let go of things but sometimes it is just hard. So I dedicate this post to the sage green Graco swing covered in zoo animals that made life tolerable for the first 6 months of a very noisy babies life.


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