Saturday, June 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Georgia!!!

Georgia's birthday was a perfect day! This was the first birthday she has really gotten excited about, the big 3 years old! She chose to have a Yo Gabba Gabba themed party with a Yo Gabba Gabba cake. I was up literally until 5 oclock in the morning working on Brobee. I had to bake 3 cakes, make whipped cream frosting then decorate. I also had to make every single Yo Gabba Gabba decoration because let me tell you, you CANNOT find any Yo Gabba Gabba anywhere. Not a toy, not a decoration and certainly no bakery cakes which makes a Gabba birthday loads of fun for mommy and daddy. But we managed to pull it off and it was a success.

I decorated the house while the girls played outside with daddy in their new swimming pool. Georgia got to open one present before her party which was a Ni Hao Kai Lan swim suit that the second it came from the bag just about made her faint. She LOVES Ni Hao Kai Lan, yet another character which is hard to find. I swear if it doesn't say "Dora", "SpongeBob", "Barbie", or "Princess" you cannot find it. So naturally once I saw that suit I had to get it. The swimming pool was new as well, a great Big Lots find and one of the best kids pools I have ever seen. Another splurge birthday buy that was well worth the hassle of blowing up. Poor Tom sat outside in the blazing heat trying every way possible to blow up this pool that would not fit in the trunk blown up to take to the gas station for easy set up. From the small air compressor, to the foot pump , to good old fashioned man powered lungs, nothing worked. We were saved by a neighbor we barely know who took pity on my sweat soaked husband who was quite possibly half a second from a heart attack. The neighbor brought us a big air compressor (well, bigger than ours) and the pool was up and ready in a jiffy. He was rewarded with a Brobee cake leg later on in the evening. ;-)

The girls had so much fun playing in that pool, a little neighbor girl came over and played with them. Originally we had planned on this being a family only birthday party because a house full of 3 year olds just was not in the cards for my sanity at the moment. But I am glad she came, it made it extra special because Georgia and this little girl spent half the time in the pool shooting water guns at daddy who was fully clothed. I know from experience that there is nothing better as a little girl than forcing daddy to join in on the action. Tom came into the house and exclaimed "I don't know what made them start shooting me". I laughed and said to him "because you are the daddy, it is your job to take one for the team" Some of my fondest memories are when my dad would come out and play with me. Especially pool and sprinkler days. There was just something amazing about watching this big strong man laughing and carrying on like a child. So I have no doubts there were some wonderful memories made.

After the pool they all came in side and had dinner. Georgia chose for her birthday meal BBQ chicken (oven BBQ'd because with all the outdoor carrying on, there was no way we were lighting a fire), cole slaw and corn on the cobb (Georgia's favorite food). Then we revealed Brobee to which Georgia exclaimed "WOW, Brobee, Brobee cake mommy!" and at that moment this cake that took 6 hours to make was worth every second. We had quite a bit of Brobee which Georgia could not get enough of, throughout the day she had a total of 6 slices of cake including Brobee's eyes. After cake of course we opened up the presents, again which she loved. I made a special box which was filled with dress up clothes , Tutu's, a princess dress, jewelry, tiara, etc..., she got princess shoes, some Ni Hao games, a coloring book and a pink baseball bat for Tee Ball.

I am so happy the day went so well and that my sweet monkey had such a wonderful time. Even though birthday parties are madness in the end they are worth it. Happy Birthday my sweet Georgia!



  1. What a wonderful birthday for Georgia. You and Tom did a great job. I'm so glad that you're updating the blog again.

  2. Oh my goodness, I so wish I were her! Those princess outfits are to die for and that cake looked scrumptious. I'm sure she'll have many wonderful memories.

  3. Thanks Ladies. Rosie, I just love that profile photo.