Thursday, November 12, 2009

Shopping day!

The girls and I had such a wonderful day shopping. I always dread going out with all 3 of them, sometimes they can be downright impossible and sometimes they can be wonderful. Miriam was seriously grumpy, she got hit in the mouth today TWICE. One time her lovely mommy hit her with the shopping cart. She always walks with her hands on the cart. Well she dead stopped when I turned the corner and the next thing I know there was blood everywhere! Nothing makes you feel more like a rotten mama than when you accidentally make your kid bleed.

We went to Goodwill today to try and find not so Christmassy Christmas picture outfits (we found none BTW but hit the jackpot with perfect outfits at wally world!). Well, the strangest thing happened. I turned down one of the isles and this guy just dead stopped and started to stare at me, I thought to myself "oh no he is about to hit on me and I forgot my wedding ring". I quickly left the isle but he followed me down another, AGAIN staring the whole time. I went to another isle , there was a girl she dead stopped and started staring. I ran to another isle, there was a different girl who again, just dead stopped to stare. Down each and every isle of Goodwill was a different person staring at me. Til finally I just shouted "CREEPY" and we took off to the register. At the end of one aisle like out of a horror movie 3 of them gathered to stare at me, I flew past them then at the register ALL OF THEM (about 10 people) gathered to STARE some more. I was freaked!!! Come to find out they were a group of mentally handicapped men and women who had gone to help stock the store.

Now I wonder what it is they saw in us that they had to stare like that. It really was creepy as heck! Do you think the noticed Miriam was special? Did they see something about us I could not understand? I don't get it but I am still a little freaked about it as I have always believed the special people of the world could sense things.

Besides that we did have a great day. We managed a 22 pound butterball turkey, a super deal on formula at only 5 bucks a can, some other great bargains, great picture outfits, a good lunch and over all a good girls day. Time for Mama to have a rest!


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