Sunday, April 12, 2009


I know it has been a while. Life is crazy with a new baby!

We has a wonderful Easter Sunday. We actually went to church today, as odd as it is we went to MY church today. The oddest thing in the world happened yesterday, I was cleaning out my car and the missionaries came up to me. They scared the heck out of me , I nearly jumped right out of my skin! Needless to say they were shocked to find I was a member of the church.

We spoke for a bit and I went in to get Tom who also spoke with them. They invited us out to church and Tom said YES! I was so happy because I have been wanting to go back to church for some time now I just wasn't quite sure he would be willing.

The funny thing about all of this is that last week I found out a guy I knew from way back in my college/LA days lived about 10 minutes from us. I told the missionaries about him and he is in the ward we will be going to. What a small world this is? He is married with a bunch of kids now, of course, who isn't after all these

Anyway, we went to church, had a nice Easter lunch then spent some time together at the park. We got some GREAT family photos which of course I must share!



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