Friday, July 17, 2009

A sad day. :(

Today is a sad day for our family as we lost a member of our family yesterday. I had been suspecting I was pregnant for the last few weeks but was not yet ready to take a test. Yesterday afternoon, I was taken to the hospital after having some severe pain and was told I had miscarried our baby. Our family , or my body was not ready for a baby, but we would have adored him/her. I normally would not write something like this in this blog but this baby is our child and I want the baby to know that we love it with all of our hearts and I/we wish we had a chance to meet it. I will always love the little baby I carried inside me for only a minute.


"Healer of my heart send my love
healer of my soul , show my love
knower of the world, let it be known to that child
"I loved you then, I love you know,
I wanted you, I miss you
and someday .....I will see you"




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