Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sea World!

We had so much fun at Sea World today but I think we are about half a second from death. It was SO FREAKIN HOT , when we left it was 104 outside. Insane, what were we thinking, we should have waited until fall. Oh well, lesson learned. The important thing was the fun factor. We ignored the heat as best we could and made them most out of it. I think Georgia had more fun than anyone of us. That girl LOVED being around all those people. She is such a people person, not at all like her mommy.

We even managed to get one of those cartoon drawings of the girls. It is so cute! Just not so sure where to hang it.



The cartoon drawing of the girls:


We came home from Sea World and took advantage of the FREE dinner buffet at our most awesome hotel. Then we cooled off at the indoor pool. Georgia was so funny & brave at the pool. She got so mad at us for not letting her jump by herself into the deep end. She just cracks me up!


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