Sunday, July 20, 2008

My perfection issues!

Let me tell you, starting this family blog has not been an easy task. Not only does it mean I have to find the time to write each post but due to the fact I am a perfectionist I could not figure out how I wanted the blog to look. It still is not as I wish, I need to edit the collage to match the page and add a few things here and there. I haven't been wanting to share until everything was just right BUT I am tired of it just sitting here as if our lives are not changing. 



  1. Cute blog! I didn't know you did Grocery Game - did you just start doing that or have you done it for a while? How are you feeling (pg. wise) by the way?

  2. Yeah, I have been doing the grocery game for a while now. I post on a mommy board and one of the ladies there turned me onto it and thats where I found out about how nice CVS bucks are.

    The best deal I got was at CVS was back when we had a wedding to go and I had no make-up (other than basics) CVS was having a huge make-up sale, selling stuff 75% off because of fall packaging changes. Well I went online, checked for coupons, printed out my CVS bucks from the CVS website and ended up spending 89 cents on 98 bucks worth of Tom was so mad at me when I got home and he saw it that I had to show him the receipt.

    Anyway , I am feeling "ok". I am really sick with hypertension, regular dizzy spells, sick to my stomach etc... It sucks. I see my DR. Wed. and hopefully she will be giving me blood pressure medication to help.