Monday, July 21, 2008

Mouthy 3 year olds = Mouthy 1 year olds!

Words are rampant in the Bramlett household these days although at times they send chills down our spines. Miriam, uses "no", "shut up" , "i'll bite you" and "hush" to the point Webster is seriously considering banning them. But what do you do when a child who hardly ever talks talks? Tell her no? That's what we do, along with a nice punishment if she repeats the word/phrase. Which being as she is very stubborn usually does just to get the last word. We love hearing the sound of her voice but we would much rather it be in the form of a nice sweet "I love you mommy/daddy".

And to top it off Miriam is rubbing off on her little shadow Georgia. We tell Gia no these days and we get the loudest , most hatred baby talk in the world. Full of teeth and claws! Most of the time it is so funny you cannot help but to laugh, this 1 year old you know is finding some way to curse us. If only we knew what she was saying we could determine the punishment.


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