Tuesday, July 29, 2008


This is such a selfish blog but I felt the need to come online to say how awesome of a husband I have. After a little negotiation he has ok'd a purchase of a new washer/dryer. I am SO excited as we have never had a "new" washer/dryer before. We usually craigslist it or do the hunting game. It is a front loading package which is higher up than most washer/dryers making it easy on my already huge pregnant body. We were going to wait until the job change BUT since I am pregnant and laundry is not easy we are taking the plunge. 2 weeks and they will be home.

Here they are!

I am making an oath that my family will never want for clean clothes again! You heard it here...lol

I already want to wash some clothes!

UPDATE: We cannot afford the washer and dryer because our Vacuum blew up and we had to buy a new one so we had to spend two months worth of payments. :(


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